After network marketing gave Michael Bridges an early retirement from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), he developed a good sense for solid businesses that have potential for growth. “I must admit my interest was not there at first, but as I got more information on Modere, it just made common sense.”

After he’d decided he could not miss out on the Modere opportunity, Michael has risen quickly through all of the phases of building a team. “I had so much fun helping Freddie Sanders and Katrina Felton hit the rank of Team Leader.”

Making his wife and community happy is one of the most important things in Michael’s life. “I truly believe that if you help enough people reach their goals and dreams, you will automatically get yours.”

Living the dream of the flexibility of the network marketing lifestyle, Michael has only just begun his Modere journey. “I want to help 10 Social Marketers get the Modere Escape and in doing so, get on the path to being a seriously, solid E3.”

Congratulations, Michael!