Modere Collagen Sciences Transition
This page has been set up to provide easy access to items that are most relevant to the Modere Collagen Sciences transition. Please check back frequently as we will be building additional resources for your convenience.


Customer Activate Account

Learn how a customer activates their Modere account.

Customer PDF Tutorial – click here 
Video tutorial – click here
Modere Account Activation Form – click here

Social Marketer (iRep) Activate Account
Learn how a Social Marketer (iRep) can activate their Modere account

Social Marketer (iRep) PDF Turorial – click here
Video Tutorial – click here
Modere Account Activation Form – click here

If a Social Marketer wishes to convert their account to a customer account, they simply need to submit the cancellation form found here (link to cancellation form).  In the explanation – they should write “I want to be a customer”.  Submit the form to Modere and the account will be transitioned within 48 hours.


Share the Love for Customers
Customers can share their referral codes with friends and family.  When they do this, the new customer receives $10.00 off their first purchase and the customer receives benefit too.

Click here to view 


Modere Live Clean Credits
Learn how a Social Marketers can earn free product every month.  This system replaces the former 3 & Free program.

Click here to view 


Customers and Social Marketers who previously had a AutoShip now have a Modere SmartShip.  The SmartShip includes the same information from their autoship orders including items, payment method, ship date and shipping address.  The main difference with Modere is that SmartShip orders process every day.  So if your date falls on a Saturday, your order will be generated on Saturday.

Watch a video tutorial to learn how to modify a SmartShip including items on the order, payment information, ship date and more – Click here

Click here for Web link

Modere Opportunity Presentations
Hear from top Modere Elite 3 Social Marketer Justin Prince as he shares the Modere opportunity.

  • Justin Prince – Silver, Elite 3 Social Marketer


Modere Commissions
To qualify for commissions each month Social Marketer needs to have a 75 point SmartShip, or 150 Activity points (points from the Social Marketer and new customers who join that month).

Weekly commissions pay each Friday for the previous week’s activity (Sunday through Saturday)

Monthly commission pay on the 15th of each month, for the previous month’s activity.  For example March commissions will pay on April 15th.

Check out these additional resources.

Modere Compensation Plan Brochure (link to PDF) – click here 

First Order Bonus & Get 3 Doubler Training – click here

Mapping Ranks for Jusuru to Modere – click here
This PDF will explain how Jusuru ranks will be mapped over to Modere



Modere Lifestyle Rewards
Learn how you can participate in the next Modere Escape or earn fabulous Modere Experiences.  The attaches found here are specific for former iReps.

Click here to view pdf  –

Modere Lifestyle Rewards Presentation – Click here


Referral Codes and
Learn how referral codes work and how to share them with others.

Click here to view video tutorial

Get Plugged In
Learn about upcoming events, trainings and webinars to continue learning and get plugged into the Modere community.

Click here to view the schedule


Internationally Sponsor
Learn how you can sponsor into other Modere Markets

Click here to view the pdf


Training Presentations

Here are additional resources to help support you and your teams through the transition.

Modere Career Path & Compensation Training (click here to download)

Introduction and Opportunity PPT (click here to download)

Email Notifications

Each time you introduce a new customer or Social Marketer to Modere you will receive an email communication.  Likewise your new customer or Social Marketer also receive an email.  Click on the links below for examples.

New Social Marketer Welcome Email (Click here to view PDF)

Enroller Notification – New Social Marketer (Click here to view PDF)

 New Customer Welcome Email (Click here to view PDF)

Social Marketer Notification of a New Customer (Click here to view PDF)

Customer Notification of a New Customer (Click here to view PDF)

Modere Manufacturing and Quality Process (Perfect 10 Quality Video)

Perfect 10 Quality Video – Click here to watch