As we’ve hit major milestones and completed several global launch initiatives, 2016 looks to be a year of major growth for Modere. But this is no feat of our own, we appreciate the dedication of everyone who is part of the Modere culture. As we look to the next phase of Social Retail, much of this growth will come from our focus on the U.S. Latino community.

Pew Research Center estimates the Hispanic population in United States will grow to over 106 million people by 2050. This population hyper growth has Modere making big investments into an expanding Latino market.

Modere’s commitment to the Latino community is a multi-step process. We want to make sure everyone has the option to present Social Retail to others both in Spanish and English. “We love our Latino Social Marketers. This model is a perfect fit for these amazing, entrepreneurial people. We’re extremely committed to them and their success.” Said Cody Webb, Director of Business Development, “You can see that commitment in our recent hires to support their growth, the development of our websites and back office in Spanish. We’ve also translated all our Social Marketer tools such as our brochures and primary marketing videos.”

Recently, Modere has been fortunate to see several high-level Social Marketers who have a proven and successful track record and a strong foothold in the Latino community. These leaders have built teams that produced millions of dollars and helped families find six- and seven- figure incomes. Their leadership is just the start to a new level of success here at Modere.

The Atlanta Regional in May will feature the Latino Launch Event on Friday evening. Modere executives and industry leaders will celebrate the opening of the market and present the opportunity that lies ahead with the Modere Latino community.

We are excited to see what new and exciting changes the future holds for our Social Marketers and for Modere. If you haven’t already, go register for the Regional Event in Atlanta and take part of a groundbreaking movement!