The M3 Body Transformation Challenge is well under way and there have been some amazing results. As you may remember, each pound lost will result in the donation of a pound of Modere product to charity.

Modere has partnered with The United Way of Greater Atlanta and their program, Vets Connect, for this charity event. The event will take place on Friday night, May 20th, during the Modere Regional Event.

Vets Connect provides support and services that homeless veterans need to get off the streets, into permanent housing, and back onto the path of success. Modere plans to donate as least 300 kits, filled with essential products that every person deserves to have, including toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

The Vets Connect Program, in collaboration with partner agencies and the VA, create other programs which:

  • Help eligible veterans with housing vouchers.
  • Provide transitional housing for those not yet working with the VA.
  • Helping veterans connect with the VA.
  • Help veterans find employment opportunities.

Atlanta veterans account for 21 percent of the homeless population, compared to 11 percent nationally. Many veterans are eligible for services through the Veterans Administration (VA), but only 32 percent are using the services. This provides Modere and Social Marketers a unique opportunity to help provide for our nation’s heroes.

We know success doesn’t mean anything without compassion and service. At the end of of the day, everyone deserves to enjoy the necessities of life. When the challenge ends in March, we will total the amount of weight lost and prepare for the event.

Everyone, keep it up! Your transformation results aren’t just going to benefit you personally and professionally, but it will have a direct impact on those who have served our country.