Coming February 2019, the first-ever Modere Leadership Summit is scheduled to take place in conjunction with our annual Social Retail Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. During this exclusive two-day event, Social Marketers will participate in intense workshops, trainings and activities designed to boost their leadership skills.

Earn a coveted seat at this extensive leadership training event by taking your business to the next level!

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Day 1: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

First, check in to your hotel, then make your way to the Grand Ballroom (City Creek Marriott) to check in for the Leadership Summit where you will pick up your materials and an extra surprise!

Cocktail Party & Celebratory Dinner
Dress Code: Dressy
Location: Grand Ballroom, City Creek Marriott
Kick off the Leadership Summit with a lively cocktail party and an incredible dinner, all designed to celebrate you and your success.

Late Night Leadership Talks
Dress Code: Smart Casual
The evening will crescendo with an inspirational training on harnessing the power of your leadership. You’ll be in awe when you learn the secrets to being at the top of your leadership game.

Day 2: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fuel your body for a day of learning and fun at our Leadership Summit breakfast. This will be provided by Modere.

Leadership Workshops
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Location: Grand Ballroom, City Creek Marriott
Hands on and interactive, these workshops will have you exploring skills and ideas you’ve never imagined as you unlock a new layer of leadership. Your morning and afternoon will overflow with a-ha moments.

Spend your lunch interacting with fellow attendees as you swap your best ideas for growing and supporting your teams. This will be provided by Modere.

We’ve got a Surprise for You
We will close out the Leadership Summit with an evening of pure hullaballoo. We can’t reveal any details just yet, but get ready for a night you won’t forget!


The qualification period begins July 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018. Earn points when you achieve and maintain promoter and builder titles, and help your team reach new titles.

All qualifiers will be recognized at the 2019 Social Retail Conference.

Tier Prize Points
1 Leadership Summit tickets (2) 50,000
2 Leadership Summit tickets (2), 2 nights hotel accommodations 85,000
3 Leadership Summit tickets (2), 5 nights hotel accommodations 110,000
4 Leadership Summit tickets (2), 5 nights hotel accommodations, $600 airfare credit 125,000
5 Leadership Summit tickets (2), 5 nights hotel accommodations (upgraded), $600 airfare credit, transfers, bonus gifts Top Point Earner

To be eligible to earn points and attend the Leadership Summit, Social Marketers meet the following activity requirements during the qualification period:

  1. Bronze or New Social Marketer
    Qualify as Bronze or personally enroll at least one new Social Marketer with a first order of a minimum 150 points each month.
  2. Maintain Highest Builder Title
    Qualify at no less than one Builder Title below your highest-ever achieved Builder Title.
  3. Meet the monthly 150 AP Qualification
    Qualify with 150 AP or 75 MP on SmartShip each month to earn and bank points each month.
  4. Team/Personal Development

Develop a new Senior Team Leader or Platinum 2 leg based on enrollment structure or qualify as Platinum 3 four out of five months during the qualification period.

Senior Consultant 1,000
Team Leader 2,000
Senior Team Leader 3,000
Director 1 10,000
Director 2 15,000
Director 3 20,000
Elite 1 25,000
Elite 2 30,000
Elite 3 35,000
Bronze 1,000
Silver 3,000
Gold 5,000
Platinum 7,000
Platinum 1 9,000
Platinum 2 11,000
Platinum 3 13,000
Personally enroll 480 MP SM 500
Qualify Gold 4/5 Months 5,000
Attend an event 2,000


Additional Rules

  1. All Social Marketers have a “highest-achieved” rank based on the highest builder rank they have achieved since joining Modere. To be eligible to earn points, the Social Marketer must maintain at least their second-highest builder rank ever achieved. Social Marketers who fall two or more builder ranks below their highest-achieved builder rank, they will not be eligible to earn any points that month. To earn points going forward they must requalify at their second-highest or highest rank achieved. For example, if a Social Marketer’s highest rank is Director 2, the Social Marketer must qualify as D1 or higher to be eligible to earn points.
  2. To be eligible to earn points the Social Marketer must meet the Bronze or New Social Marketer requirement. There are two ways to satisfy this monthly requirement; qualify as bronze or higher that month or personally enroll one new Social Marketer with a first order of 150 points or more. Social Marketers will be allowed one grace month during the qualification period. The first time a Social Marketer misses this monthly requirement, the one-time grace month will kick in, allowing the Social Marketer to still be awarded points for that month. After the grace month, if the Bronze or New Social Marketer requirements not met, the Social Marketer will not receive points for that month.
  3. Social Marketers must be personally qualified each consecutive month during the qualification period. “Personally qualified” is defined as achieving 150 AP or having a 75 MP SmartShip each month. If a Social Marketer is not personally qualified, they will not receive points that month and any points previously earned will be revoked. The Social Marketer will not begin accumulating points until they meet the qualification requirement.
  4. To attend the Leadership Summit a Social Marketer must develop a new Senior Team Leader leg or Platinum 2 Social Marketer within his or her enrollment structure.

The new leg does not need to be personally enrolled. For example, the new STL or higher leg will be credited to the next upline Social Marketer who is STL or higher based on the enrollment structure. The credit is given in the first month that new Social Marketer achieves STL or higher.  A Social Marketer may be considered a new leg only once and can be applied to only one upline Social Marketer. The new leg can also come from an existing Social Marketer who has already achieved STL or Platinum 2, but achieves a new higher rank for the first time during the qualification period.

For example, an STL who achieves Director 1 for the first time during the qualification period will satisfy the new STL requirement.

The new STL/P2 requirement will be satisfied if a Social Marketer personally qualifies as Platinum 3 four out of five months during the qualification period.

  1. Social Marketers must be in good standing with Modere to attend the Modere Leadership Summit
  2. Any misuse or gaming of qualifications will constitute a disqualification and the Social Marketer account will forfeit and be ineligible to participate.
  3. Points may not be transferred or combined with other Social Marketer accounts.
  4. Modere Leadership Summit prizes are non-transferable and must be redeemed during the designated dates. There will be no alternate prizes or cash outs if a Social Marketer is unable to attend.
  5. Social Marketers who joined between July 31, 2017 and June 30th, 2018, who did not qualify for Modere Lifestyle Rewards, will be eligible to count points from their five best consecutive months for the Modere Leadership Summit qualifications. This will allow the Social Marketer to count the highest amount of points toward the summit, while providing an equal amount of time to qualify for the reward. For example, if a Social Marketer joined on January 5, 2018, the five consecutive months (between January 2018 through November 2018) during which he or she earned the greatest number of points will count toward Leadership Summit qualification.
  6. Each Social Marketer account is limited to one Modere Leadership Summit prize during the qualification period.