In an effort to help more Social Marketers and Customers earn Modere products for free, we will be simplifying the Live Clean for Free program starting March 1, 2017. In the future we will refer all earned product credits as Live Clean Product Credits.

Beginning in April, Live Clean Product Credits will be integrated and plainly visible at, making them easy to track and spend! Plus, credits will be used like cash, not as coupons that are lost if the whole credit is not spent! That means earned product credits will be flexible and can be applied to multiple orders including one-time purchases or SmartShip.

Social Marketers and Customers will have separate programs to earn Live Clean Product Credits. This change will allow us to customize the programs for maximum effectiveness for each group.

You will see on the chart below how all commissions and Live Clean Product Credits work for promoter activity. We have added titles for the two promoter levels below Bronze for further clarity and simplicity.

Free_Product_Change_Table (1)


Earning Live Clean Product Credits is now synced up perfectly with the compensation plan, giving a singular focus for promoter behaviors.

A Social Marketer simply needs to be active (75 Smart Ship or 150 Activity Points) be eligible to earn Live Clean Product Credits.

EVERY customer order contributes to earning Live Clean Product Credits, resulting in more Social Marketers earning free products. This includes customer referral orders, which were excluded in the former program.

Social Marketers with small pods (less than 299 points) will get more value with 15% in Live Clean Product Credits vs 10% commission.

Social Retail is all about being social! Encouraging your customers to share Modere with their friends and family is fundamental to our model. We are discontinuing Live Clean for Free and replacing it with an expanded Share the Love Program designed to encourage more sharing and rewards to Modere customers!

Share-the-Love (1)


Bigger referral credits

Repeat perks on referrals

Improved tracking

Easier redemption

More benefits for loyal customers

All customers can give $10 of Share the Love credits to new customers for first purchases and receive a $10 referral shopping credit for themselves when the new customer makes their first purchase. Customers who have an active SmartShip of $50 or more can earn even bigger referral shopping credits on the first purchase and repeat purchases too!

Live Clean Product Credits will be valid for a period of 60 days from the date they are issued. Credits will be eligible to count toward product purchases only and may not be applied toward tax, promotional materials, events, renewals or shipping.

Live Clean Product Credits are calculated after any discounts and credits have been applied.

Customers must have an active SmartShip of $50 or more on file at the time their referral code is used to be eligible to receive the SmartShip Live Clean Product Credit reward.

When Live Clean Product Credits are applied to an order, the commissionable points associated with the product will be reduced accordingly. Social Marketers will, however, be eligible to count the pre-discount points associated with the purchase towards title qualifications.

Live Clean Product Credits will replace the current Live Clean for Free program that requires customers to participate on a $99.99 SmartShip and refer three or more customers to receive shopping credits.

Beginning March 2017 the sharing bonus will be paid monthly.