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Think of the greatest leaders in your life. Did you have a school teacher who inspired you? A manager who found creative solutions? A historical figure who inspired you by succeeding despite tremendous odds?

No matter how great your leaders are, they started out just like everyone else. At Modere, we believe that true leadership is something that can be cultivated in anyone who’s willing to learn and grow. We have been so inspired by the success of our Social Marketers that we wanted to recognize the leadership qualities that so many of you are showing. That’s why Modere is launching the New Leader Conference!

The Modere New Leader Conference is the first-ever conference geared toward new Social Marketers. Held June 14-15, 2019, this conference will recognize new high-achieving Social Marketers who are earning key Modere ranks and taking advantage of the Modere Movers program. Since this conference is designed for those who are new to Modere, Social Marketers are only eligible one time per account.

Advantages of the New Leader Conference

While you’re attending the conference, you’ll enjoy a welcome celebration and some delicious food before diving into exclusive trainings by inspiring keynote speakers and Modere corporate leaders. These powerful sessions will help you learn effective tactics to keep your business skyrocketing, what makes Modere different and how to inspire leadership in others. Attendees will also receive awards for their accomplishments. As a bonus, all Social Marketers will get a guided tour of Modere Headquarters!

Registration and Qualification

This exclusive event is by invitation only. In order to attend the conference, you must achieve all of the requirements during the qualification period, which is November 1, 2018-April 30, 2019. Here’s what you’ll need to do to qualify:


New Leader Conference Ticket

Achieve and Maintain Senior Team Leader or Platinum for at least 4 out of 6 months during the qualification period

New Leader Conference Ticket PLUS Accommodations (2 nights)

1 – Achieve and Maintain Senior Team Leader or Platinum for at least 4 out of 6 months during the qualification period
2 – Earn a minimum of 20 Modere Mover
points during the qualification period

Once the eligibility period is over, Modere will reach out to all qualifying Social Marketers, who will have two weeks to confirm whether they will be able to attend. Social Marketers who do not register within the two weeks will lose the opportunity to attend this inspiring conference. Additionally, Social Marketers must be in good standing to attend. Any misuse or gaming of qualifications will disqualify a Social Marketer from participating in the conference.

Event Details

The first New Leader Conference will be held June 14-15, 2019 at the Marriott in Provo, Utah. This luxurious hotel boasts a number of chic conference rooms where you’ll learn from top Social Marketers and other key Modere leaders. This 4-star facility is conveniently located near Modere Headquarters in Springville, Utah, where you’ll get an exclusive tour. Check back for more details HERE.


Who can attend New Leader Conference?

New Leader Conference is open to all Social Marketers who qualified for Senior Team Leader or Platinum rank for 4 out of 6 months of the qualification period. Although New Leader Conference is designed for new Social Marketers, this first conference is open for everyone to experience training and business strategies. After this, NLC will be specifically for those who are new to Modere.

How do I earn Modere Mover points?

To learn more about how to earn Modere Mover points, check out this Modere Movers FAQ.

Once I qualify for the New Leader Conference, how will I travel there?

Travel arrangements and expenses are the responsibility of the Social Marketer. Utah’s main airport is Salt Lake International Airport, which is about 45 minutes North of Provo. Provo Municipal Airport is also available for those flying in from Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Tucson Airports.

What if I registered for the conference and am now unable to attend?

Unfortunately, tickets to the New Leader Conference are non-transferrable, and there are no alternate prizes if a Social Marketer is unable to attend.

Cancellations after April 1st and no-shows will be subject to a cancellation fee. Cancellations must be submitted via email to

When do SmartShip Consistency bonus points begin to count toward the New Leadership Conference?

SmartShip Consistency bonus points will begin counting toward your Modere Movers point total and your qualifications for the New Leadership Conference on January 1, 2019.

Can I combine points from other accounts?

No, points may not be transferred or combined with other Social Marketer accounts.

Are guests allowed to attend?

This is a qualifying event for Social Marketers. There will be one invitation per qualifying account, with the exception of Co-Applicants if requested.