We are getting in gear for the Momentum 2017 Social Retail Conference in Arlington, TX. This could be one of our biggest events yet and to kick off this historic weekend, we will be holding an exclusive dinner party for many of our Social Marketers. 


This roaring 20’s inspired party will be exclusive for Social Marketers who meet the special criteria to attend.  To qualify, Social Marketers must

Achieve 1500 Customer Points over the course of the three month period or personally enroll six new Social Marketers with a minimum first order of 100 points. Each qualified Social Marketer must have one personally enrolled Social Marketers who is registered for 2017 Momentum SRC. Not bad, right?

Not only will qualifiers be invited to attend this special dinner party, they will also receive the Roarin’ 20s Dinner and Get 1 to SRC special recognition button! So what are you waiting for? Go secure your place at SRC. Make sure you check out the SRC 2017 Agenda for all the information regarding the event.

We will finalize our list of qualified attendees on January 10, 2017.  All qualifiers will receive their special invitation and ticket to enter the event  in their registration packets.


Social Retail Conference Roaring 20’s Dinner

To simplify how to qualify for the Roaring 20’s Dinner at the Social Retail Conference we have made the following changes to the qualifications. 

Do one of the following between October 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 and be joined by one of your personally enrolled Social Marketers at the Social Retail Conference to earn your seat at the SRC Roaring 20’s Dinner.

1.       Achieve 1500 Customer Points over the course of the three month period

2.       Personally enroll six new Social Marketers with a minimum first order of 100 points

Social Marketers must also have one personally enrolled Social Marketer registered for the event. 


Margie Aliprandi
Ernest Anderson
Alma Arias
Garria Arnold
Saralyn Avitabile
Michelle Barnes
Susan Bass
Sheldon Baylor
Bryon Bell
Jacqueline Benjamin
Angela Bien
Lisa E Booth
Rachel Marie Campbell
Marjorie Carmen
Stacey Cartwright
Lily Chauvin
Chelsea Chauvin
Lori Cheramie
Bradley Clements
Christa Cline-White
Michele Davidson
Amber Deloof
Jamie Dugan
Stephanie Easterling
Crystal Edwards
Daphne Ellison
Laura Evans
Brynn Fabian
Marlene Farley
Kelly Finger
Holly Finley
Catherine Foster
Monica French
Raven Fugate
Michelle Geouge
tessa gist
Klyn Gleave
Amy Gleave
Crissy Gravina
Renae Green
Marissa Gregory
Amanda Groce
Cassandra Haas
Sunny Hand
Cerosha Harden
Tammy Harris
Kathryn Howard
Holly Hudson
Sandy Humpel
Brandi Huston-Chrispen
Jamie Irla
Shanda Johnson
Laura Kennedy
Kerry Kortbein
Debbie Lamberson
Maria Lambros
Christine Lambros-Shifflett
Edith Larente
Deanne Larocque
Dennis Ligon
Daro Lomboy
Marc & Lana MacDonald
Ashleigh Maser
Crystal Rose Matthews
John Melton
Emily Mitchell
Melissa Moe
Amanda Morris
Nicole Morton
Connie Murdock
Shemree Naegele
Carroll Neal
Jessica Palm
Tammy Park
Tammi Paro
Dena Peacock
Amy Phillips
Meloni Pierce
Nicole Pierre
Marvin Pierschbacher
Melanie Pio
Justin Prince
Bretta Provost
Jessica Rawlings
L A Ricketson
Rachael Riveira
Joni Robbins
Kathy Rosen
Courtney Alexandra Saffo
Beth Sandidge
Leslie Sanford
Christopher Settle
Anna Shrum
Renee Smith
Brittany Sobles
Tammy Stokes
Shelley Swendsen
Andrea Tanghe
Stephanie Taylor
Michelle Teague
Jaliyla Tillman
Candace Tingen
Kelli Trainor
Amanda Uch
Pat Varner
Valarie Villalobos
Ashleigh Walters
Jessie Lee Ward
Jackie Wilson
Sobrina Worthington
Cynthia Yealland
Rena Zaharov
Tony & Sarah Zolecki
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