There are some great Before and After photos that have come out over the last week. The best Before and After shots show up close, visible improvement, have the same lighting as the before shot, and are as close to the same angle of the face as the before shot as possible.

This week we’re giving a FREE Hair Care Collection to Laura Hayne whose amazing Week 1 Before and After collage met all of those criteria.

Congratulations, Laura!



"Pop Rocks on your face"

‘Snap, Crackle, Pop"

"Bringing sexy back"

"Opening a can of soda and dipping your face into it!"

We LOVE your videos! So much so that we’re making an expereince video the ONLY way to enter on Day 1. You can enter as many experience videos as you want, so if you’ve already entered a Day 1 collage or a video, go get a friend to try M1 for the first time and upload it and that will count as an additional entry!

Another suprise winner this week is Terri Jensen for her awesome experience video on Instagram. She also gets a FREE Hair Care Collection.

Share the best reaction videos on as many social media channels as you can. Keep them short, but exciting and get as much interaction as you can.

Don’t forget the tagline (BARE YOUR BEAUTIFUL Face) and the hashtags (#Modere #LiveClean) on your videos too!

REMEMBER: if your posts aren’t PUBLIC we can’t see them. We’re finding all of your posts on this tagboard, so if you can’t see your posts here then we might not be counting them as an entry!