Unlike most rank bonuses that payout one time for each rank, the all new Monthly Team Builder Bonus allows you to earn up to $3000 every month.

Here’s how it works:

Social Marketers who achieve Team Leader or higher are eligible to earn the Monthly Team Builder Bonus. This reward can be earned every month a Social Marketer meets the requirements. These bonuses range from $100 to $3000 and are in addition to the Generational Unilevel commissions.

To receive a Monthly Team Builder Bonus a Social Marketer must qualify no less than one Builder rank below the highest achieved Builder rank. For example, if a Director One is the highest achieved rank, a Social Marketer must qualify as Senior Team Leader or higher to be eligible for a Monthly Team Builder Bonus.

Additionally, a Social Marketer must meet the Enrollment Organization Points(EOP) requirement to receive a Monthly Team Builder Bonus. EOP excludes any points from members and teams that have been placed under a Social Marketer, it is based on the Enrollment Structure. If a Social Marketer has less EOP than the required amount they will be paid the Monthly Builder Bonus equivalent to the actual EOP. For example, a Director Two who has 11,000 EOP will be eligible for a Director One Monthly Team Builder Bonus.

Monthly Team Builder Bonus is payable to US and Canada Social Marketers only.

Team Builder Bonuses are paid monthly.

Table of Requirements and Associated Monthly Team Builder Bonuses

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