On October 1, 2016 we introduced the Modere Lifestyle Rewards program that allows Social Marketers to earn amazing Modere Experiences and Escapes by accumulating Lifestyle Rewards Credits.  As part of the program we have made it easier to earn these incentives when hitting Modere selling titles.  For example, Social Marketers who achieve Bronze every month during the qualification period will earn enough Lifestyle Credits for an amazing Modere Experience, a reward they previously would not have enjoyed! 

To accommodate this new program, and allow more Social Marketers to enjoy the Modere Lifestyle Rewards, the Consistency Selling Rewards portion of the Career Path will be discontinued effective with the November 2016 commission period.  

We are excited to be able to award more of you with wonderful experiences through the Modere Lifestyle Rewards program.  Not only will Social Marketers get to enjoy these exciting incentives, they are a wonderful way to further promote and grow their business.