We’re excited to introduce our enhanced compensation plan! Effective June 2018, the latest compensation plan enhancements feature new ways to earn, such as the Promoter Development bonus and Coded Mentor bonus. This new plan also includes minor modifications to the builder title requirements. Below are two important announcements regarding the builder requirements for Team Leaders.

  1. The requirement to have a Senior Consultant leg will become effective with the July commission month. Delaying this rule by a month provides Social Marketers additional time to fulfill this requirement.
  2. Starting July 1, Social Marketers will be eligible to qualify as Team Leader with either a Senior Consultant leg or a Gold SM in their enrollment structure.

Here is a simple comparison of the Team Leader qualification requirements in June vs. thereafter.

JUNE 2018 JULY 2018 & BEYOND
150 Activity Points or 75 Point SmartShip 150 Activity Points or 75 Point SmartShip
3,000 Organization Points 3,000 Organization Points
1,500 Max Leg Organization Points 1,500 Max Leg Organization Points
1 Social Marketer leg from the enrollment structure 1 Senior Consultant or Gold Leg from the enrollment structure


Please note that all other requirements for builder title qualifications are effective with the June commission period. This includes the requirement that all builder titles have at least one leg for qualifications coming from the enrollment structure.

For example: To qualify as a Senior Consultant, a Social Marketer must have personally enrolled at least one Social Marketer. To qualify as a Director One, a Social Marketer must have a Team Leader leg within their enrollment structure. To qualify as Elite Three, a Social Marketer must have three Team Leader legs, one of which is in the enrollment structure.

For full details about the Modere Compensation Plan, please click here.