A body transformation shouldn’t be complicated. What it should do, is give you something to look forward to and provide you with long-lasting benefits. This is what the M3 Body System does.

To up the ante, we’re spicing things up with our 90-Day Transformation Challenge. This challenge is designed to help you achieve the lifestyle you’ve always wanted in a way that’s simple and healthy. Plus, it makes it easy to have a beach body throughout the whole year!

What is the M3 Body Transformation Challenge?

This isn’t any weight-loss challenge. There are no gimmicks. No quick fixes. M3 is a lifestyle. The first step is to to take the M3 Pledge. Second, enter the M3 Pledge 90-Day Transformation Challenge. By entering, you’ll have the chance to be one of the monthly transformation winners selected to receive a $500 shopping spree, a custom suit, or a custom cruiser. Or you could be lucky enough to be one of our male or female grand prize winner selected to receive a 5-star all inclusive resort Escape and a $500 flight voucher.

So what do you do? It’s simple.

  1. Take the M3 Pledge at
  2. Head over to our transformation page at
  3. Take and submit your before picture.
  4. Submit your starting weight along with your contact information. You may also want to enter your starting measurements, but it’s not required.
    1. We have tips to help you take better before & after photos. This will help you–and us–track your progress easier and distinguish your results.
  5. Once the 90-day transformation is complete, submit your after photo (and inches if possible) and you will instantly win a free t-shirt and be entered for the grand prize.

The excitement has been building for months. The #M3Pledge Facebook page is filled with thousands of people who have experienced M3 for themselves. M3 has quickly become a way of life for them. Every day, new people are showcasing their results and it’s absolutely astounding.

It’s the best way to help transform your body and live a cleaner, healthier life. Enter now and secure your spot in history!

We can’t wait to see what kind of story you write with the M3 System.

M3 PLEDGE 90 DAY TRANSFORMATION WINNER – Erica Senkowski lost 43 lbs in 90 days



Susan Bass – Lost 28.6 lbs in 90 days



Kenny DuBose – Lost 21 lbs in 90 days



Keisha Kirkland-Smith – Lost 13 lbs in 90 days


Jessica Palm – Lost 16 lbs in 90 days


Jaliyla Tillman – Lost 18 lbs in 90 days


Tiffany Settle – Lost 36 lbs in 90 days


Leslie Moen – Lost 20 lbs in 90 days