Hitting Platinum, Nikki Pierre has joined a special group of Social Marketers at Modere. Nikki took a long road to get here, working in advertising, marketing, digital media, and early childhood education. So what was it that led her to Modere and working as a Social Marketer?

“What sparked my interest in Modere was my friends’ weight loss journey. She was using M3 and after inviting me to the M3 Pledge community, I saw the amazing support and heart of this organization.

Since joining, it’s been my family and my future health that’s really pushed me forward, especially when it comes to continuing the M3 Pledge. I have two children and it’s important for me to be healthy and also become financially stable. I want to provide for them for the rest of my life!”

Nikki has found this stability at Modere. Being Platinum, she not only enjoys the financial benefits, but she enjoys the benefit of helping and serving others.

“Knowing I have inspired so many others to improve their lives while improving my own has truly humbled me. My biggest gain from hitting Platinum is knowing we can now afford to visit my mother-in-law, who my daughter hasn’t seen in two years. She lives in Texas and has her own health concerns, so it isn’t easy for her to come to us. The fact my daughter gets to know her grandmother is priceless.”

Nikki has busted down the doors on her way to Platinum, but she said it wasn’t always easy. There were always things holding her back, yet was able to find ways to keep advancing.

“I share my personal stories because that’s what people want to see. I find people like seeing my success and the honesty about the impact of Modere on my life. I try to use Facebook Live and I always follow up!

For others who are struggling, I would say to rely on the One Voice System. It has greatly improved my business. It’s also important to always share your own testimony of the products because people trust someone who has used the product and seen success.

“I am grateful for Modere and being a Social Marketer. I love my team, I am more financially secure, more confident, and healthier than ever!”