Shelley Swendsen is one of Modere’s newest Platinum members. As a Master Esthetician, Shelley always looks for new, healthy ways to improve her lifestyle and introduce clean products to her clients. Modere was an easy answer for her. Her commitment to the company and the Live Clean philosophy has quickly taken shape.

“I love that social retail is something anyone can learn how to do. It’s great because you can be successful without being pushy or annoying to your friends. The Modere social retail model creates a value that is always exciting to share and exhibits real results for Social Marketers.

“I’ve seen the success of this model as I do live videos through Facebook. This gets people talking, interacting with me and each other, and asking questions about Modere. And it doesn’t end there because they can see my authenticity and excitement versus just sending out a simple mass text or email–it’s all about being personable.”

Shelley has achieved much while at Modere but one thing that stands out about her is her willingness to put back in what she takes out.

“I have a new set of eyes since joining Modere. It’s given me the opportunity to see more of myself, and the leadership has some of the biggest hearts of anyone I know! The ability to share a message of clean living with those who I love and care about is what makes a difference for me.

“I’ve loved almost all my experiences since joining Modere, but Cancun was by far the most memorable. And it wasn’t just because I was spending time in the sun and warm water, it was because I had the opportunity to give back to those who didn’t have much. Serving those kids at the orphanage in Mexico and spending time with them was such a wonderful and humbling experience. I love that Modere’s core is to better the lives of others all around the world.”

Shelley is on full throttle with Modere. She loves the products, she loves her team, and she loves her customers.

“Gaining the rank of Platinum comes with a monthly selling bonus. I plan on using some to pay down some debt, but most of it will be going toward my customers. I gave out an incentive for M3 and many of them met their goals. I’m going to reward them for their hard work.

“Being a Social Marketer has given me a new sense of purpose. I had someone call me in tears, saying how grateful she was that I introduced her to Modere and the M3 System. She was able to do something for the first time in her life all because of this amazing product. That’s what excites and empowers me–helping others progress and live a cleaner lifestyle!”