With less than two months from our Fall Regional event we’re announcing a big opportunity to be recognized by the applause of thousands gathered at the Kansas City Convention Center. And to top it off, we’re adding extra cash.

For the rest of August, we’re giving you the opportunity to rank up and bank up.! All you need to do is achieve a higher builder or promoter rank than you previously hit in July. Do that and you’ll earn the extra cash and the extra recognition. Here’s the breakdown:

Senior Consultant — $25
Team Leader — $50
Senior Team Leader — $100
Director One — $250
Director Two — $400
Director Three — $750
Elite One — $1000
Elite Two — $1250
Elite Three — $1500

We’re not stopping there. Achieve a higher promoter title in August than you did in July and receive an additional $50 bonus!

Certainly, August is the month to take your rank to the bank!

*These bonuses are not paid in addition to the Fast Track Bonuses. If a Social Marketer qualifies for a Fast Track Bonus, the greater of the two bonuses will be paid.

Bonuses do not stack.

Bonuses will be paid on September 15th, 2017

Promoter bonus is based on bronze or higher achievement.