This has been an epic year for Modere. So many of you have been on fire and we aren’t seeing any signs of slowing down, and this is why you deserve a little bit more. So we’ve got some exciting news for anyone who ranks up during the month of August.

Through August 31, we are offering a special rank advancement bonus for all builder ranks! Rank up from whatever rank you hit in July and you will receive one of the following bonuses:

  • Senior Consultant — $50
  • Team Leader — $100*
  • Senior Team Leader — $200
  • Director One — $500*
  • Director Two — $750
  • Director Three— $1500
  • Elite One — $2000*
  • Elite Two — $2500*
  • Elite Three — $3000*

We aren’t stopping there. In addition to these incredible bonuses, we are adding an extra $50.00 to each Selling Achievement.

GO BRONZE during the month of August and get a $100 Monthly Selling Reward!

Let’s all rank up and go Bronze because next month is our Orlando Regional event. Everyone who ranks up in August is going to be recognized at our special event!

This August, it’s time to rank and bank!

*This bonus is not paid in addition to the TL, D1 and Elite Lifestyle Consistency bonuses, if a Social Marketer qualifies for a Lifestyle Consistency bonuses, the greater of the two bonuses will be paid.  Rank up bonuses do not stack.  

These bonuses will be paid with the monthly commission, payable on September 15th.