Social Retail combines the best of two industries—Social Shopping and Direct Sales. Our greatest asset comes from the partnership formed by Modere and Social Marketers.

So, how does this partnership work?

Social Marketers earn part time and full time incomes by sharing Modere lifestyle essentials with friends and family via a new-era online experience. Using relationships and connections, Social Marketers build a customer base and are paid on every single purchase their customers make on

What makes Modere unique is that while we pay our Social Marketers to socially market our brand, we also invest in traditional advertising outlets to market on our Social Marketers behalf. Our advertising never competes with our Social Marketers because 100% of the retail customers we generate always get tied back to our Social Marketers.

You, the Social Marketer, are the magic to our model. Your dedication and passion combined with Modere’s advertising and online presence, equates to the most disruptive outcome the world of e-commerce has ever seen.

When a customer who is not affiliated with a Social Marketer makes a purchase on, we make every effort to link him back to the appropriate Social Marketer through an extensive Six Point Protection Program. If a customer cannot be linked to a Social Marketer, he is considered an unaffiliated customer.

An unaffiliated customer’s first order is placed in the Modere Revenue Sharing Pool. Social Marketers earn shares in this pool based on personal customer acquisition and personal sponsorship of new Social Marketers. Shares are paid out on a weekly basis and then the unaffiliated customer is then linked to a Social Marketer.

When customers Share The Love, more customers will be created. Modere will care for these new customers and in turn, the profits from their purchases will continue to be connected to you, the qualified Social Marketer.

Together, our partnership with our Social Marketers is creating the greatest customer volume possible. The more sales, the more referrals, the more referrals, the more sales—it’s a continuous cycle!

Retail can’t compete with us because they don’t have a team of Social Marketers. Direct Sales can’t compete with us because they don’t have a genuine retail offering. We saw a unique chance to do something disruptive by combining the speed of social shopping with the power of the $167 Billion worldwide direct sales industry. We’re pioneering an entirely new industry called, Social Retail.

Learn more about the Modere Revenue Sharing Program and how you can start earning shares today! Learn How to Qualify.