Kelly Clark 74

Stephanie Easterling 63

Dennis Ligon 57

Crystal Rose Matthews 55

Cynthia Yealland 54

Shelley Swendsen 45

Renae Green 45

Maria Lambros 43

Kristi Michel 43

Catherine Foster 40

Cheryl Dawson 34

David & Ashlee Hope 33

Saralyn Avitabile 40

Amanda Morris 31

Joni Robbins 31

Lori Misuraca 30

John Melton 27

Joan Hoxter 27

Justin Prince 27

Laura Hayne 26

David Kuhn 26

Tony & Sarah Zolecki 25

Edgar Robinson 24

Melissa Sawatsky 24

Jackie Wilson 24

Kelly Finger 24

Brooke Joudrey 24

Kevin Ormsby 22

Tammy Harris 21

Susan Bass 21

Hector Rocha 20

Kendra Dick 20

Lindy Bates 20

Selina Consitt 20

Melanie Shiell 20

Lee Hunter 20

Jose Luis Alcaraz 20

Crissy Gravina 20

May is going to be a big month here at Modere! We have a fresh new promotion for all of our Social Marketers: Run for Modere Customized Nikes!

May 1st through May 31st, Social Marketers can earn customized Modere Nike Free Run 2 iD shoes just by sharing M3. It’s pretty simple: Earn points for all customers and personally enrolled Social Marketers who take part in the M3 Pledge by purchasing a M3 Body System for the first time. As soon as you hit 20 points, you’ll earn your own pair of Modere customized Nike Shoes.* Earn even more points if they subscribe to SmartShip.


The top 10 Social Marketers will be invited to attend Escape, June 8th through June 12.

  • Award includes accommodations for two. Airfare will be at the winner’s expense.
  • No cash-out options.
  • Trip is non-transferable unless won by a Social Marketer who already earned the trip through the Path to Escape or Points to Escape.



  • GET 1 POINT when a new customer or Social Marketer purchases M3 in May for the first time.
  • GET 2 POINTS when a new customer or Social Marketer purchases M3 in May for the first time and subscribes to M3 SmartShip.
  • GET 4 POINTS when a Social Marketer joins with a 480 MP first order and subscribes to M3 SmartShip.

Bonus Points:

  • Any Social Marketer who earned a FitBit in April will automatically start off with two points toward their Modere Nikes.
  • Points earned in the Points to Escape contest by Social Marketers who did not earn the trip by the Path to Escape or Points to Escape will be awarded bonus points.
  • After a Social Marketer has earned 20 points, they will be awarded bonus points equal to 10% of the Escape Points earned (rounded to the nearest whole number).*

Now’s your chance to get a fresh, new pair of shoes to go with your Fitbit.



  • Customers and personally enrolled Social Marketers must have a join date and an order date of May 1, 2016 through May 31, 2016 and a valid purchase of an M3 system or a collection that includes the M3 system.
  • Points will be counted for any Social Marketers or customers purchasing the M3 System for the first time during the month of May.
  • To earn the extra point for SmartShip orders, the SmartShip must be scheduled to ship in June 2016.
  • Achievers will be finalized on June 6, 2016. Custom Nike orders will be placed during the month of June.
  • Limit 2 pair of Nikes per Social Marketer account. After the second pair, Social Marketers will be awarded $100 reward for each additional twenty points earned.
  • Shoe style is limited to the Nike Free Run 2 iD shoe. Social Marketers will be eligible to customize by choosing select colors.
  • Orders must be from one of the following to be eligible:
    • New customers in your pod
    • New, personally enrolled Social Marketers
  • Promotion is applicable to US Social Marketers only. To see details for Canada Social Marketers, refer to the Modere Canada promotional post details on the Shifting Retail Buzz Page
  • Social Marketers must meet the 150 AP requirement or 75 MP Loyalty SmartShip Order in May to be eligible to earn the reward.
  • Final calculation of requirements and eligibility will be completed on 6/6/2016. Recognition of achievement may occur prior to this date, but rewards will not be official until after 6/6/2016.
  • Any orders or cancelled accounts prior to 6/6/2016 will not be eligible for qualification. Including SmartShip orders cancelled on or before 6/6/2016.
  • Modere reserves the right to chargeback prize value for excessive returns or Smart Ship cancels occurring after 6/6.
  • Orders must have unique shipping address and unique forms of payment to be counted for qualification. Any stacking or bonus buying is strictly prohibited.
  • Progress will be tracked on the Buzz page at Results will be updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

RUN FOR CUSTOMIZED NIKES WINNERS  (Please check out this pdf!)
(As of June 2nd, 2016 4:00PM MST)