Top five reasons to be on the Loyalty Program:

Participate in the Get 3, Team 3 Bonus.
Satisfy the 150 AP requirement with a 75 point Loyalty Smart Ship Order.
Free shipping on orders over $100.
Get your loyalty order for free when you introduce three new customers.*
Get special perks on a regular basis — offers available only to Loyalty Members.

In May Social Marketer Loyalty Members got a free Dual Action Eye Gel in their SmartShip and they could order the Men’s Care Collection for 20% off. In June, anyone on the Loyalty Program could get the Beauty Box for half price. In July, anyone who orders an Adult Multi-Vitamin on their SmartShip automatically gets a free Mineral Supplement.

More perks every month, just for being on the loyalty program. Don’t wait!

How to be part of the Loyalty Program:

Place a 75 point Smart Ship order during June or July 2015 and automatically be enrolled in the Loyalty Program.

*see Loyalty Program flyer for details