Lindy decided to walk away from the network marketing industry last year after giving up hope of finding a company that provided the opportunity for true, long-term residual income. Then one of her friends and colleagues left their previous company for Modere. "I had to know where they were going and after a five-minute chat on Facebook, I was in — without even looking at the website!"

Exploring more about Modere, Lindy found that Modere has what a company needs to provide the future she is looking for. "A broad and safe product catalog like Modere has is essential for the growth I want. I have been using safe products for years, so the fact that Modere puts safety as a top priority in their products was very reassuring."

Once Lindy had the confidence that Modere was the right place, she jumped into action. After a few months of work, she was one of the winners of the Modere Escape, and now she’s working to get as many of her team members on the next Modere Escape. "A month before Cancun I had no vacation plans for the year. After less than 3 months of work with Modere I was already being rewarded."

After years as a stay-at-home mom, Lindy had a hard time finding a place for herself in the corporate world. Modere is changing the future of Lindy’s retirement. "Without Modere, I would have no retirement or pension set up. Now, I’m looking forward to spending more time with my grandkids and traveling during the winter."

For Lindy, she didn’t wait to figure out all of the details about the compensation plan or the products, she just got to work. "It’s so natural to share something that you love, so don’t make it awkward, just do it!"

Congratulations Lindy!