Solving health problems and building communities comes naturally to Liz Tennyson. As a personal trainer, certified Holistic health and life coach, and now Modere Social Marketer, she is working to help people feel better in all areas of their life.

“People are hurting. Most people don’t understand their bodies hurt because of the toxic load they are either eating or using on their skin,” says Liz. “The Mineral Supplement is one product that I share that helps people feel better!”

It’s easy for Liz to talk to people who need the products that Modere offers. For Liz, it’s as easy as caring about the people she’s talking to. “I find someone will tell me their deepest, darkest secrets within 5 minutes because they can tell I care for them. Then I offer them solutions.”

For someone who doesn’t like to shop, Liz has found Social Retail to be the perfect model for online marketing. It gives her the freedom to talk to the people who are looking for solutions and offer them great products.

The first month that Liz started implementing speciality training she went straight to platinum, jumping over bronze, silver, and gold. Reaching platinum gave her a monthly selling bonus of $500. “I’m going to use my bonus to get additional training to continue my personal development and education.”

Going forward, Liz is looking forward to all of the best trainings, events, and experiences working with her team in person and online. Congratulations Liz!