Mark and Debbie Bandy were not new to network marketing when Bryan Bellville introduced them to Modere and Social Retail. “We think anyone getting involved or looking at Modere needs to step back, clear their head and totally allow themselves to take a fresh look at a brand-new business model.”

From the business opportunity to the safe, effective products, Mark and Debbie know that Modere has all the ingredients for success. “Whether you want to share with others and become a Social Marketer or just share Modere’s products and build a wonderful income with your customers, Modere is like nothing we have ever seen, with an income potential that no other company offers.”

People are at the heart of Mark and Debbie’s motivation. They have experience owning a merchant services business and have also been involved in direct sales for many years. For them, it’s less about the business and all about the team they’re working with. “You can have everything you want in life if you will only help enough other people get what they want.”

Preparing for retirement, the Bandy’s are excited about the success they are seeing with Modere and the achievements of all of their friends and family living the Modere lifestyle. “Seeing people we share Modere with realize their potential and achieve their goals is our biggest motivation.”