Tony and Sarah Zolecki set their sights on reaching E2 at the Social Retail Conference in October. Now, four months later, this power couple has reached their goal. The Zoleckis say, “We focused on winning that trip! The more new people we shared the Modere story with, the more new personal customers and social marketers we would have. We let our existing team focus on the Path to Escape and we mapped out what it would take for each of them to reach their goal for the month.”

Reaching E2 didn’t come without a set of challenges. The Zoleckis experienced life along the way, including a newborn baby! Sarah remarks, “The month we went E2 was not an easy one. Tony’s dad and my brother-in-law both had massive heart attacks. We had a baby, and I had an infection after giving birth that lasted for seven long weeks!” Despite these obstacles, the Zoleckis remained upbeat and focused. They say, “As leaders, you don’t dwell on the challenges; you take them head on and solve them. We never gave up and stuck to our guns no matter what! The last 48 hours before we hit E2, we and our amazing team did 50,000 in points!”

Tony and Sarah enjoy the many relationships that have been created on their journey with Modere. Sarah says, “We believe that every person you meet will enrich your life either professionally or personally. It’s the relationship and people that have walked into our lives that have made the difference for us.”

The couple isn’t stopping at E2. For the Zoleckis, life goals are all about setting high standards. They say, “We really strive to be the type of people that when someone meets and connects with us, they walk away better for it. We know that is a high standard we set for ourselves, but inspiring people to be the best they can be is so rewarding!”

Congratulations Sarah and Tony!