New Faces. New Products. New Tools. Same Modere.

Social Retail Conference was off the charts! The lights are off and the music is turned down, but the energy is still going strong.

This weekend brought with it some remarkable ideas and additions to the Modere family. Over the next few months, these innovative changes will bring about a great transformation for the Modere name—and you have a front row seat!


Savi & M3
Modere continues to change the game with the acquisition of SAVI Health International, a health nutritional supplement company, and with it the M3 Body System and Vital. Modere announced the acquisition and showcased the new products products at the Social Retail Conference in Salt Lake City, on February 18-20. The new products capitalize on the heavily researched Mediterranean diet to provide a cutting-edge system built for healthy weight management and clean living.

Greg Horn, Modere’s new product formulator and advisor, was a key facilitator in making the M3 system. Greg served as CEO of Garden of Life and General Nutrition Centers (GNC). There, he was instrumental in building the GNC brand and expanding the company from $400 million to $1.5 billion in revenue over his 11 years in management. Learn more about the Savi acquisition, the M3 Body System and Savi Vital.

Chief Executive Leadership Transformation
Social Marketer also welcomed with a large round of applause the newest Modere executives:

Josh Kirschbaum, COO – Kirschbaum is a health and wellness industry guru. He most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer at Gilchrist & Soames, where he led a team of individuals focused on supply chain, manufacturing, logistics and sourcing. Prior to his time there, Mr. Kirschbaum was COO of NuWorld Beauty and served in various leadership positions at L’Oreal and Colgate-Palmolive.

Brad Christensen, CIO – Brad Christensen is a genius when it comes to information technology and has more than 25 years of experience. Mr. Christensen has successfully led all aspects of software engineering, design and development, technical product management, enterprise resource planning and global infrastructure for companies such as Novell and

Newly Crafted Videos and Tools
Social Marketers have plenty more to be excited about with all the new tools available. Improvements and simplifications have been made to the marketing and sales tools making it easier to share Modere and provide unlimited opportunity. All new materials are expected to be released on March 1.


Check out today to see the new videos and begin sharing your personal web page (PWP) today!

Modere Gives Back
It’s hard not to feel grateful with the success Modere has seen. Compassion is one of the core values–it’s in the Modere blood. Because of these values, Modere wanted to give back to the community.

During the conference, Modere staff and Social Marketers were rounded up and met together to give 300 hygiene bags to The Road Home, a homeless service in Utah. The bags included Modere products like shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and mouthwash—just a few clean essentials that every person deserves to have.