Welcome to Modere, where things move fast – no small thanks to our disruptive nature. That’s why we like to hold multiple events throughout the year, so our Social Marketers can keep up to date on all the latest company news while learning, growing and edifying each other.

These events are headlined by some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry. Their inspiring stories, wise insights and tips for success never fail to encourage and motivate event goers. You will come away smarter, stronger and ready to grow a successful business.

Our spectacular Social Retail Conference comes just once a year, while our smaller regional events occur more frequently in key metro areas.

So, why attend both?

Social Retail Conference (SRC)

Once a year, the entire company comes together to engage in one epic event. It’s the only place you’ll get to participate in these can’t-miss experiences:

  • A 3-day event that starts Thursday and goes through Saturday.
  • A dedicated awards show following the general session. Here, we celebrate all your biggest accomplishments of the past year.
  • Two general sessions accompanied with in-depth breakout trainings. These smaller trainings feature relevant topics custom-tailored to your interests.
  • Special leadership training for qualified Social Marketers. You can earn the privilege to sit at one of these coveted tables by achieving certain ranks.
  • A unique Experience Lounge where you’ll have a first-hand opportunity to demo new, unreleased products and get your hands on Modere swag.
  • A recognition photo booth.
  • A legendary after-party featuring themed decor, outlandish costumes, DJs and more.
  • When SRC is hosted in Utah, you’ll get the chance to visit the Modere corporate offices and manufacturing facility.
  • Come extend a helping hand at Modere Gives Back. For one evening – only at SRC – we will partner with a local organization or charity and spend the evening interacting, inspiring and giving back to the local community.
  • Enjoy exclusive VIP seating. SRC is huge and so is our special VIP lounge area for all Elite and Platinum 3 Social Marketers. You’ve earned these milestones so come enjoy your deluxe seat, front and center!

Regional Events

These events pack some amazing experiences into bite-size productions. They’re organized year round throughout the U.S., and open to everyone! Check out some of the highlights:

  • Brisk, day-and-a-half long events, running Friday afternoon through Saturday night.
  • Recognition focused on Social Marketers who have reached new ranks since the previous event.
  • A small pop-up shop featuring popular Modere swag and limited-time product offers.
  • Three jam-packed general sessions designed to motivate and inspire with in-depth trainings.
  • More special leadership training for qualified Social Marketers.
  • What’s a Modere event without an after-party? Join us at the closing of the event for a few hours of fun and dancing!

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