Congratulations to Stephanie Easterling on reaching Director 3 as a Social Marketer with Modere! Her love for the people, culture, and products have helped propel her business to extraordinary heights. She’s won several promotions, received Experiences, and recently, earned a Modere Escape. But one thing that’s stood out about Stephanie through all this, is her desire to serve others.

“My ultimate goal at Modere is to be successful, of course, but success is realized differently by everyone. Honestly, my goal is to help others find their purpose, achieve their own success and uncover their passion–and have some fun doing it! I have to give people hope and a spark in their lives.

“So many people don’t know how to imagine success for themselves and we often live our lives exactly how our families did. Being able to help others have the freedom to do the things that are most important to them is my goal. That starts with me being able to contribute to my family’s finances and help my spouse have more time with our family.

“One of my most memorable experience with helping others came when I was on Escape to Mexico. While there, we were able to help others and donate our time and efforts to those who were less fortunate. The best part was being able to share those experiences with my spouse!”

When it comes to building the business and seeing success, Stephanie offers several words of advice to help others see the same results.

“I was given some great advice years ago and it was to never give up. It’s cliche, but it’s important. And don’t forget to reach out to someone every day and share the Modere philosophy. Do a little bit for your business every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 minutes or a few hours. You are always planting seeds and watering them, and with continued effort, your business will flourish.”

“I feel so lucky to be part of something so exciting. I always felt I had something to give but never knew what it was. Now that I am with Modere, I’m not the same person as when I started and I won’t be the same person tomorrow. I am growing as a friend, wife, mother, sister and leader. My Modere family has become such an important part of my life.

“I love the people and I love the culture at Modere. Working as a team is important to me and the guiding principles, values and behaviours that make up how our organization is built has become the fabric of my businesses. Modere has strong organizational values that’s become self-sustaining and that is comforting for all of us as it reinforces growth and trust.”