Modere and its “Live Clean” motto is shared all over the world. For Tina Thorogood, it was from a friend of Director 3, Jackie Wilson.

“A good friend of Jackie Wilson, and fellow dance mom, said she stumbled upon this great new up-and-coming company. I look at it and was excited about the opportunity for unlimited growth and expansion on a new, untapped market!

“So when corporate came to do the pre-launch event in Toronto, I saw just how quickly a small handful of people grew into a full ballroom. This spoke volumes for word of mouth and the power of duplication.”

Tina is no stranger to the idea of building her own business. In fact, in addition to working full time as a University Administrator, she’s run several small businesses over the past 17 years. So it came as no surprise when Tina hit Director one, here at Modere. Her passion and entrepreneurial mindset has taken her to new levels within the Modere culture.

At the end of the day, though, it’s her desire to create something amazing for her family that really drives her success.

“The ultimate goal for me while I’m part of Modere is to build a more comfortable life for my family and increase the amount I can give back.”

To those who are new as a Social Marketer, Tina gives strong advice. “This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. New Social Marketers must be consistent with their efforts. Nothing kills productivity more than inconsistency.”