It took several months for Tony to be convinced to even look at Modere. Susan McKinney sent him lots of pieces of information about Modere, but when she sent over some leadership emails from Bob Goshen, Tony knew he had to take a better look. “When I saw the forward-thinking culture and image so perfect for 2015, I knew that I wanted to be part of a company that was focused on giving the best quality at the best price.”

Just a few weeks after joining Modere, Tony attended Regionals in Nashville last year. “I got a bigger picture of Modere at the event and it really showed me the unlimited potential of Modere. We’re just scratching the surface in the US with Modere and I’m excited to part of this developing opportunity.”

Hitting Director 3 in his first 45 days was completely unexpected, but with his formula for success, it makes sense. “Do something to build your business every day. Talk to people, enroll people. Talk to more people, enroll more people. Give anything you try 12-24 months before you decide whether or not you’ll find success, it takes that long to even understand the industry and see true success.”

Consuming so many great books and messages helps keep Tony in a positive mindset and doesn’t leave room for discouragement. He lives by the motto, “Feed your mind, starve your doubts.”

Tony isn’t done growing yet. He’s got his eye on the rank of Elite 3 and above.

Way to go, Tony!