If you have the Shifting Retail or Modere app on your phone, be sure to load the newest version. If you don’t have the auto-update turned on, you’ll need to go in and make sure you pull down the latest version. The older version no longer works or is supported, so to continue taking Modere on the road, you’ll need to do the update.

What will you find in this latest version?


New One Voice Doc: take the updated Invitation Process and 4-step duplication model with you as you go out to build your business.

Path to Escape and Modere Escape document: with the pre-launch incentive going on right now the way you get on the Path and qualify for a Modere Escape has slightly changed.

Get 3, Team 3 Bonus: the pre-launch incentive is going strong. Don’t miss this opportunity and get the chance to get incredible bonuses.

Modere Pricelist: get the latest product details.


M1 Revolution is Here: Share this video with everyone you know. Get them excited about the M1 Anti-Aging System and get them to pre-order the final product today.

What do I do next: Wondering what your next step is to continue to grow your business? Looking for the best way to share the buzz about the M1 Anti-Aging System? Check out this video and use it to train your team too.


Top 5 Things To Know: This hour-long webinar captured everything announced at the Regional events in June. If you weren’t there or if you need a refresher, this is the video for you.