If you aren’t excited for the Modere Regional Event yet, you should be. This special weekend will be jam packed with presentations from Elites and you’ll have a chance to give back. So get ready to immerse yourself in the Modere culture.

Learn from the Best
jkpcanadaDuring your time in Atlanta, you will have plenty of options to hear from the best in the business. Many of the Modere Elites and other Social Marketers will present business tips and tricks. These practices are designed to help you become more successful, recruit other Social Marketers, find and retain customers, and help you follow up.



Vets Connect
PrintRemember the success we saw during the M3 Body Transformation Challenge? Because of this, Friday night, May 20th, we invite everyone to chip in as Modere gives back. We will be working with Vets Connect, a program of The United Way of Greater Atlanta. Here, we will fill up bags with Modere products, matching pound-for-pound from our Transformation Challenge. We have a lot of bags to fill, so make sure you’re there!


M3 Success
HyperFocal: 0During the event, you will learn more about these success stories, what makes the system so effective, and how you can use M3 to build a successful business. The M3 System has had a drastic impact on many people’s health and lifestyle. If you haven’t had the chance to join the #M3Pledge Facebook page, take a second and do it. Hundreds of people have not only joined the group, but these same people have used and are using the M3 Body System and the results are amazing!


SRC_Recap_FinalWe know how busy our Social Marketers get. The hours you put in to improve others’ lives doesn’t go unnoticed. During the May Regional Event, we want to recognize all the Social Marketers who have reached new levels of success, both with titles and other achievements.



Remember, the last day to pre-register for the event for $75 is May 13, 2016 at midnight. After that, the rates will increase to $99. Also, we went ahead and reserved some hotel rooms at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for a discount rate of $159 a night for everyone who registers any time BEFORE the event. You are responsible for booking your own room.


We can’t wait to see you in Atlanta. And if you’re on a budget and trying to make it to the event, see our previous post, Getting to Regional on a Budget.