Alma Arias has been a leader in direct marketing for nearly a decade and has achieved so much success. When she was introduced to Modere by Juan Carlo Reynoso, she saw how simple and easy it was for Social Marketers to sell clean-label products and get rewarded for it. But being part of Modere is more than money, it’s about leadership, inspiration, and living clean.

“Our products are 100% trustworthy and our platform is so solid. But we still continue to innovate the whole retail system–it’s unique to the rest of the market.” She is excited about Modere and knows the products and the promise to customers is clear and honest. “Our leadership and company are on solid ground. Being a part of this is something I wouldn’t like to lose.”

Alma joined Modere at the end of January. In March, she hit Director 1 thanks to the help of her team! Her success is inspiring, and that’s what she loves most. “That’s what I want. I want my team to see the same success I received and have what I do.”

Alma isn’t just all work, though. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, reading all sorts of books, and enjoying nature. Her balance of work life and personal life is a huge part of her personality and where she is today. “I remember the reasons of why I am doing this, and it keeps me going.”