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2021 Social Retail Conference Recap




Modere Apparel

  • We’ve partnered with one of the finest, and most technologically advanced, apparel and print shops in North America that will offer you a variety of stylish new wearable products with several new design and decoration options.
  • The store will offer headwear, t-shirts, ¼ zips, jackets with hoods; with decoration options from Screen print, Heat seal, Embroidery, Direct-to-Garment, and Sublimation. The Modere Apparel webstore is open now!

Modere Shareable Cart

  • Modere’s Shareable Cart is now available on Modere.com! This change was made to allow both Social Marketers and Customers the ability to build and share carts. ​
  • Modere’s Shareable Cart feature will now mirror the Quick Shop functionality currently found on Modere.com, with imaged-based displays and search functionality. 

​Transferrable Live Clean Credits 

  • Live Clean Credits are now transferable! That’s right, you can now gift your Live Clean Credits to other Social Marketers and Customers. 
  • The credits that you earn for your promoter rank, your SmartShip Loyalty Rewards and those that customers earn through the Share The Love program, can now be gifted to others. ​This will go live beginning March 4, 2021. 

Global Achievers Bonus 

  • Any new Social Marketer that generates 1,500 points in new volume between their personal orders, their customer pod and their personal enrollments in their first full calendar month will qualify for a $150 bonus. ​
  • Any new Social Marketer that generates 3,000 points in new volume between their personal orders, their customer pod and their personal enrollments in their first full calendar month will qualify for either a $300 bonus or have the ability chose from the XM Experience prizes. These include an Apple iWatch, iPad, Shopping spree or a getaway. ​

NEW Liquid BioCell Videos

  • We are excited to announce the release of NEW Liquid BioCell videos for Liquid BioCell LIFE, PURE, SKIN and SPORT!
  • These four videos, that are roughly three minutes in length, are the perfect introductory piece to send to potential customers interested in our award-winning collagen line. ​​View Canada videos HERE. View USA videos HERE.

The Buzz 2.0  

  • Introducing the Buzz 2.0! The goal of the Buzz page is to create a one-stop-shop for Social Marketer information. The Buzz has been enhanced with an improved search function and icons to guide your search for information.


New Leader Conference 2021

  • Held June 11-12, 2021, New Leader Conference will provide Director 1 and Platinum 1 level Social Marketers with the opportunity to receive exclusive training to guide them on their path to Elite. View qualification details on the Buzz. 
  • Current plans for this event are virtual, and we are offering spots for ALL Social Marketers that fulfill the qualifications, regardless of whether or not they’ve attended in the past.  We also have space reserved at the Provo Marriott if in-person events become safe to host. Stay tuned for updates! 
  • This year’s New Leader Conference will be presented by Elite 3 Leaders: Julienne Piche and Lisa McGuire. And Elite Black leader: Jennifer Kennedy. 

Escape 2021: Los Cabos

  • Escape with us to Los Cabos November 3 – 7!
  • Modere will always prioritize the safety of our employees and Social Marketers before allowing any international excursions. However, we are hopefully that we will still be able to responsibly host this event. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate accordingly. 
  • View event qualifications here.  
NA Announcement Recap
Updated on February 26, 2021

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