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Updated as of 8/6/21 at 9 AM MT

JULY is all about COLLAGEN! To help you maximize this month, we are excited to announce a special, limited-time Social Marketer promotion!

Sell ten bottles of any flavor of BioCell Liquid Collagen and earn an additional $25 BONUS on top of your regular commissions! And there are NO LIMITS on the amount of $25 bonuses you can earn! 

This promotion is for commission qualified North America Social Marketers only, during the month of July 2021.


Is there a limit on the amount of $25 bonuses I can earn? 

NO! There is no limit to the amount of $25 bonuses you can earn!

Who can qualify to earn Collagen Cash?

Only Social Marketers can earn Collagen Cash. Customers can not earn Collagen Cash.

Do any of the Liquid BioCell formulas count towards Collagen Cash?

Any combination of Liquid BioCell Skin, Life, Pure, or Sport ml bottles can make up the ten bottles needed to earn the $25 bonus. 

Liquid BioCell Pure Singles, Liquid BioCell Chews, Trim, CellProof, Liquid BioCell Pet and all other products that include Liquid BioCell are excluded. 

Do SmartShip orders count as well?

Yes! New SmartShip orders, existing SmartShip orders and a la carte orders count toward Collagen Cash! All applicable Liquid BioCell orders in your pod count toward Collagen Cash.

When does this bonus run? 

This bonus begins July 1 and ends July 31 at 11:59 PM MT. 

What if I sell 9 bottles? Will I get a prorated bonus?

No. In order to get the bonus you must sell 10 bottles total. You will get $25 for every 10 bottles sold. 

When will Collagen Cash be paid out? 

Collagen Cash will be paid out with the August commission run.  

What collections are included in this? 

All collections that include Liquid BioCell Life, Skin, Sport, or Pure will count towards qualifying for Collagen Cash. This excludes Liquid BioCell Pure Singles, Liquid BioCell Chews, Trim, CellProof, and Pet. 

Is there a product promotion associated with this? 

There is no product promotion directly tied to this Social Marketer business promotion. However, we will be announcing a limited-time product promotion on Liquid BioCell Pure and Sport on the July 7th kickoff call! Learn more at 5 PM MT on the Shifting Retail North America Facebook Page! 

Updated on August 23, 2021

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