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Escape Los Cabos 2021



FINAL updated as of 9/10/21 at 5 AM MT

Are you ready to Escape to Los Cabos this November? Qualification ends August 31! Check out this FAQ to help you prepare and make the most of your trip. You’ll find all the details and latest information down below. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact escape@modere.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


March 1, 2021 – August 31, 2021


Wave #1: November 3 – 7, 2021

Wave #2: November 7 – 11, 2021


Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos & Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

2021 Escape Accommodations
Receive all expenses paid accommodations for two for four nights and five days at the Hard Rock Los Cabos or Nobu Hotel Los Cabos resort.
2021 Escape Accommodations and Airfare for One
In addition to all expenses paid accommodations for two, receive airfare for one.
2021 Escape Accommodations and Airfare for Two
In addition to all expenses paid accommodations for two, receive airfare for two.
Royal Modere Escape
Feel like royalty and enjoy the finest accommodations, first-class airfare, and private transfers for two.                    


  1. Bronze or New Social Marketer
    Qualify as Bronze or personally enroll at least one new Social Marketer with a first order of a minimum 150 points each month.
  2. Meet the monthly 150 AP Qualification
    Social Marketers must have 150 AP or 75 MP on SmartShip each month to earn and bank credits each month.

Credits are awarded based on the Team Builder Bonus and Monthly Promoter Bonus earned each month during the qualification period.

Team Builder Bonuses are awarded based on the Builder Title and Enrollment Organization Points. Promoter Bonuses are based on the total Customer Points in a Social Marketers POD and the number of active customers.

Lifestyle Credits by Title

Sr Consultant1,000Bronze1,000
Team Leader2,000Silver3,000
Sr. Team Leader3,000Gold5,000
Director 110,000Platinum7,000
Director 215,000Platinum 19,000
Director 320,000Platinum 211,000
Elite 122,000Platinum 313,000
Elite 227,000Platinum Black 115,000
Elite 330,000Platinum Black 217,000
Elite Black 135,000Platinum Black 319,000
Elite Black 240,000  
Elite Black 350,000  

Earn Bonus Points for Becoming a Modere Mover!

Social Marketers who earn at least 30 Modere Mover points during the qualification period will earn 10,000 bonus credits, which will be awarded during the month following qualification. (one-time only, does not stack)

Check out our 1-page PDF of qualifications here!




If a waitlist for Escape becomes necessary, the list will be organized according to the total number of Lifestyle Credits earned by the Social Marketer during the entire qualification period (March through August). If a room becomes available, the next person on the list will be notified by the Modere Events Team. Social Marketers will have twenty-four hours from that notification to confirm their spot with flight receipts or their spot will be offered to someone else.



We are looking forward to our 2021 Escape Trip in Los Cabos this November! However, we are very mindful of the ever-changing conditions around COVID-19, gatherings, and travel. As a special exception this year only, we are offering 20,000 points to those who choose not to attend, to be applied to the 2022 Escape qualifications.

Please note that this is a one-time allowance because of the complicated circumstances surrounding travel, as well as personal health and safety. In the coming years, we will not be able to offer points to those who choose not to attend. If you do not attend but qualify for Escape, the additional 20,000 points will be added at the beginning of 2022 Escape qualifications. No additional action is needed.

*If you have already registered to attend Escape and wish to cancel and instead take the 20,000 points, you must email escape@modere.com by October 1st or incur a $600 penalty. *

How do I reserve my spot?

Qualified Social Marketers must complete registration to confirm their spot at Modere Escape. Once qualified, Social Marketers will fill out the registration form and provide flight details to Mexico.

Qualifiers will be contacted via email and text message when they have qualified. During the 

April 1 – June 30July 6 at 11 AM MT
July 1 – July 31August 3 at 11 AM MT
August 1 – 7August 10 at 11 AM MT
August 8 – 14August 17 at 11 AM MT
August 15 – 21August 24 at 11 AM MT
August 22 – 28August 31 at 11 AM MT
August 29 – 31September 7 at 11 AM MT

What are the two waves? When will I be able to decide what wave I am in?

At the time of registration, Social Marketers will have the option to choose between two dates. 

Wave #1: November 3 – 7, 2021

Wave #2: November 7 – 11, 2021

Social Marketers DO NOT have the option to stay for both waves. When one wave is filled, the only option will be the other wave. 

Can I reserve a spot in one of the waves before registering, or for another Social Marketer on my team?

No. We are unable to reserve or hold any spots for Social Marketers that are not yet qualified. Registration in one of the two waves is first come, first served. When one wave is filled, you will only have the option to attend during the other wave. 

What if I qualify in August and there are no more available rooms?

Once all rooms are filled, Modere will establish a waiting list with priority based on the most Lifestyle Credits earned. Social Marketers will have twenty-four hours to confirm their spot with flight receipts or their spot will be offered to someone else.

Will Modere cover the cost of any excursions?

No. Any excursions will come at the expense of the Social Marketer. They will also need to be booked by the Social Marketer. Modere will not book excursions or any additional experiences will in Cabo. 

Should I reserve my spot if I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend?

Please do not confirm your spot unless you are absolutely sure you will be attending. You will also need to show proof that you have purchased your flight to Mexico when you register. There is a cancellation/no-show fee of $600 that will be charged if you have registered, and then you are unable to attend for any reason. 

Will there be an airfare cash-out if I don’t use up the allotted amount earned?

No. If you don’t use the entire $600 credit, any remaining balance will be forfeited. 

What happens if I am unable to attend?

If a Social Marketer is unable to attend the Modere Escape, they must notify Modere in writing. If you have already registered for your spot, there will be a cancellation fee of $600 for cancellations made after October 1st or no-shows at the event. If you have not registered and reserved your spot, there will be no penalty or cash-out option. Please submit all cancellations via email to escape@modere.com.

I qualified for the 2020 Escape trip that was canceled due to COVID-19. What does that mean for this year? 

2020 Escape qualifiers were offered two options in place of the 2020 trip:  

  1. Escape Bonus + 15,000 points towards 2021 qualifications: All bonuses have been paid out and your points will be shown in the miscellaneous section in your escape widget.
  2. Deferment: Your spot has been guaranteed for the 2021 Escape trip (accommodations for two ONLY). To qualify for airfare or additional upgrades, you will still need to meet the minimum lifestyle credits for the respective rewards. Although you are guaranteed a spot on the 2021 trip regardless of final qualification during this period, no previous lifestyle credits will be added during this qualification period. Upgrades must be earned using only the credits accumulated between March and August (2021) during this qualification period.

Why are my Escape points showing differently than my rank in my back office?

Lifestyle credits are based on your Team Builder Bonus rank. So if you are being paid as a Director 2, but only qualifying at the Director 1 Team Builder Bonus level, you would get 10,000 lifestyle credits for the D1 rank. Team Builder bonus rank is calculated using your Enrollment Organization Points (EOP). You can find more details on this in the compensation plan brochure.

When will my bonus points show up for being a Modere Mover each month?

The Modere Mover bonus points will be visible in the “Modere Mover Consistency Bonus” section in your back-office widget. These points will be updated on a daily basis and awarded to qualifying accounts once you have achieved 30 or more Mover points during the qualification period. These 10,000 bonus points can only be earned once during the qualification period.

Does Modere cover my transportation while in Cabo?

Modere will cover transfers from the Cabo Airport to the resort. All other transportation will be at the expense of the Social Marketer. 

What kind of travel documents do I need for Los Cabos, Mexico?

It is the responsibility of the Social Marketer to have proper travel documentation, including a passport.

What if I want to extend my stay?

Qualifiers are welcome to arrive early in Los Cabos and/or extend their stay, at the expense of the Social Marketer. To modify your reservation, contact escape@modere.comHOWEVER – no Social Marketer will be able to extend their stay to the next wave. If you are in Wave #2, you can extend your stay after November 11th, but please receive approval to extend your stay be emailing escape@modere.com before booking airfare. 

Extended reservations are not a guarantee, and rooms are based on resort availability. Rates for extended stay may also change based on dates of stay. 

Any modifications to your stay MUST go through escape@modere.com. The resort will not be able to service your reservation. 

NOBU & HARD ROCK UPDATE: Reservations prior to November 3rd and after November 11th will no longer be accepted as the resorts are now SOLD OUT. This means it will not be possible for either wave to come early or stay late.

If we book additional nights and or guests, who do we pay for these?

You will pay the resort directly upon arrival. 

Can Modere book a second room for me during the Escape trip?

No. Due to the limited availability of the rooms, Modere is unable to book additional rooms on behalf of friends or family within the Modere room block.

Please note that standard rooms are able to accommodate up to 4 people, while rooms with a king size bed can have a maximum of 3 people. 

What activities at the Hard Rock are kid friendly and where can I locate this information?

The Hard Rock has an extensive, kid-friendly area and these details can be viewed on their website here: https://www.hardrockhotels.com/los-cabos/family-amenities.aspx

Do the resort restaurants require a certain dress code?

Yes, please make sure to check the dress code requirements for both The Hard Rock and Nobu prior to your departure so you pack accordingly. 

Where is Nobu?

Nobu is within walking distance to the Hard Rock. It is right next door, a sister property of the Hard Rock, and both resorts share the same beach space. 

Anyone who stays at Nobu will be given a daily pass to attend all the events happening at the Hard Rock. If you are staying at Hard Rock – you can not go to Nobu. 

How do I know if I am staying at Nobu or Hard Rock? 

On the registration form Social Marketers will have the option to stay at the Nobu or Hard Rock. First come first serve. Once a location is filled, Social Marketers will automatically default to the open resort.

Can I change my guest name(s) after I’ve registered?

Yes. Please contact escape@modere.com to request any changes to your reservation.

Can I bring my children?

Of course! Children are welcome to join you on this trip, at an additional cost. Kids 4 and under are free when booked with an adult. 4-7 are $48 per night USD. 7-12 are $99 per night USD. 13 and up are considered adults and pay the adult rates.

Due to a limited quantity of rooms, you cannot reserve additional rooms within the Modere room block.  Any additional guests will be required to stay with the Social Marketer in their room. Please note that standard rooms are able to accommodate up to 4 people, while rooms with a king size bed can have a maximum of 3 people.

NOBU and HARD ROCK UPDATE: Reservations prior to November 3rd and after November 11th will no longer be accepted as the resorts are now SOLD OUT. This means it will not be possible for either wave to come early or stay late.

What airport do I fly into for Escape?

Please book airfare to fly into the Los Cabos International Airport (SJD).

Can I transfer my trip to another SM?

Modere Escape trips are non-transferable and the reward must be redeemed by the qualifying Social Marketer during the designated trip dates.

Who can I bring as a guest?

Anyone! When you qualify for Escape, you are allotted paid accommodations for two. Share your spot with a spouse, a family member, someone from your team, etc.

Should I book my airfare now?

Social Marketers should not book their airfare until they have been notified by Modere. If airfare is earned, ALL airfare receipts must be submitted to Modere for reimbursement of up to $600 per earned flight. Please contact escape@modere.com for more information.

Will Modere book my flight if I qualify for that?

No. Modere will not be booking any flights. Social Marketers are required to book their own airfare and then send Modere the receipt to be reimbursed up to $600. 

When can I expect to receive my reimbursement for my flights?  

Modere will issue a request for a full reimbursement with 72 hours of receipt.  Social Marketers can expect to see these refunds the following week that they were submitted. 

What happens if I need to change my flight?

Social Marketers will be responsible for any change fees assessed by the airline for changes to their itinerary.

Will there be a cash-out option?

There are no alternative prizes or cash-out options if a Social Marketer does not attend the event for any reason.

What will the weather be like in November in Los Cabos?

The high temperature in November is mid to upper 80’s and low 60’s in the evening.  November is an excellent time of year to visit Los Cabos. 

Will I be able to use my Credit Cards in Los Cabos?

Yes, the resorts accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  Please check with your bank prior to your departure for all fees related to international transactions. 

Is tipping of resort staff required?

No, gratuity has already been built into the rates Modere has contracted with both resorts.  While tipping isn’t required, it is a nice gesture and resort staff greatly appreciate anything extra. 

Do both resorts accept American Currency

Yes, both Hard Rock and Nobu accept all US currency. 

Do both Hard Rock and Nobu offer COVID testing onsite? 

Yes, both resorts offer onsite testing.

Here is the cost breakdown for COVID Testing:

Both properties include two free antigen tests per room for USA guests. Additional antigen tests cost $50 USD per person. The results take approximately 15 minutes.

For Canadians or guests from other countries where they require PCR tests to fly back home, the cost is $260 per person and the results take between 36-48 hours.

COVID testing will be at the expense of the Social Marketer.

Will swimming on the beaches at both Hard Rock and Nobu be allowed?

No, due to safety concerns, guests are not allowed to swim in the ocean.  Guests will be required at check-in, to sign a statement confirming that they will not swim in the ocean during their stay.  Here is an official statement from both resorts regarding swimming on the beach.

Swimming on the beach is strictly prohibited as the ocean is very strong along the coast throughout the year, being dangerous for swimmers. For more information about our protocols, procedures and preventive measures you can visit our website https://www.hardrockhotels.com/

If I earned updated accommodations and I choose to attend the second wave November 7-11, will my upgraded accommodations be available?

No, upgraded accommodations at both Hard Rock and Nobu are ONLY available during the first wave, November 3-7th.

What airport do I need to fly into?

You will need to both arrive and depart out of the Los Cabos International Airport (SJD).

Will I need a credit card upon check-in?

Yes, all major US credit cards are accepted at both Hard Rock and Nobu. Please note, that Hard Rock requires a hold of $100 USD for incidentals and Nobu is $500 USD. These are only holds and they will be removed upon check-out.

Is WIFI Complimentary at both resorts?

Yes, WIFI is free as long as you remain onsite at both resorts.

If I attend the second wave, November 7-11th, will the agenda be the same?

Yes, we plan to offer the same experience for those attending the second wave of the Escape Trip.

Will there be a Modere Cares service opportunity again this year?

Yes, we are working out these details to partner with a local organization and will be communicating additional details as we get closer to the trip.

What is the adult rate for additional guests at both resorts during the 1st wave of Escape?

Anyone over the age of 13 is considered an adult and will be charged a daily rate of $175.50USD USD per day at both Hard Rock and Nobu (price subject to change based on availability). Two people are allowed and covered at the hotel by qualifying the Escape trip. All additional adults or those staying before their wave are required to pay at their expense.

Please note, our estimate of $175.50 is ONLY based on resort availability on their basic standard room. Once these basic rooms have been filled, the price per night/ per guest is likely to increase and you will need to email escape@modere.com to confirm these prices. Prices subject to change.


NOBU and HARD ROCK UPDATE: Reservations prior to November 3rd and after November 11th will no longer be accepted as the resorts are now SOLD OUT. This means it will not be possible for either wave to come early or stay late.

Are both Hard Rock and Nobu All-Inclusive?

Hard Rock is a true all-inclusive resort and all food and beverage is covered during your stay as long as you remain on resort property.  Nobu is NOT a true all-inclusive, but has agreed to provide an all-day wristband for those staying at Nobu to enjoy the all-inclusive amenities at Hard Rock.  Nobu has also agreed to allow both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to be all-inclusive during both waves, November 3-7th and 7-11th

Updated on October 19, 2021

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