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Fall Social Marketing Summit: October 1-2, 2021


At Modere, your safety is our highest priority. After careful consideration over many weeks, in addition to surveying our entire field about the matter, we have decided to convert our upcoming FSMS event onto a virtual-only platform.

As disappointed as I am about this decision, I have peace of mind knowing that ultimately, it’s the choice that holds the best interests of your families, your business, and our brand at heart. It’s been heartbreaking to watch the Covid-19 delta variant impact so many lives, and it hit home recently to witness its widespread effects on people you may know. We cannot proceed in good conscience with an in-person event that carries inherent risks of potentially spreading the virus.

Each of you embodies our Modere values, which is one of the reasons you joined Modere. It’s also why I’m certain you’ll understand how much we struggled with this decision, because it is driven by compassion.

We felt it crucial to take action now, so that we can be prepared to deliver the best virtual event you’ve ever experienced, and also to allow you ample time to revise your arrangements in case you planned to attend in person. 

Most importantly, we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure that your participation in this event will lead to tremendous growth in your business this fall and winter, and to leverage the successful launch of our newest product. Let’s stay safe, support each other, protect one another, and gear up for our most life-changing FSMS yet. We have some phenomenal news to share with you in the next month!

Asma Ishaq
Modere CEO


During this two-day event, you will experience powerful training, inspiring stories, an exciting product launch, and more! 

Register for a virtual ticket today for only $59.99!

Upgrade to the VIP experience with your virtual ticket for just $50 more, and get access to a VIP Leadership session and incredible SWAG box! VIP registration ends September 9th at 11:59 PM MT.  




What if I registered to attend in-person? 

If you purchased an in-person FSMS ticket, you will be AUTOMATICALLY SWITCHED to a virtual ticket and refunded the difference in the ticket pricing. Please allow 7-10  business days for the price difference to refund and show on your account.

What about my hotel reservation? 

If you reserved a room in a Modere room block, your room will automatically be canceled and you will be refunded your deposit. Please allow 5-7 business days to view the full refund in your account.

Courtyard Marriott PHX: #602-603-2001

Residence Inn PHX: #602-603-2000

Hyatt Regency PHX: #877-803-7534

Where can I learn more about my airline cancelation policy? 

Delta Airlines: Click Here

American Airlines: Click Here

United Airlines: Click Here

Southwest Airlines: Click Here

Westjet Airlines: Click Here

Aircanda: Click Here

How do I access the virtual event?

All attendees that have registered for the event will receive an invitation to join our exclusive FSMS Facebook Group! Once a ticket has been purchased they can request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fsms21

Will I have access to replays of the event?

ALL sessions will be recorded and available post event beginning October 4 at 3 PM MT in the FSMS Facebook Group.

What about Escape 2021?

We will wait to see how things progress before making a decision. It is still being planned at this point in time. 

If I’m attending Fall Social Marketing Summit virtually, can I transfer my XM ticket for in-person attendance to SRC 2022?

Yes! You don’t need to do anything. You also get an invite to redeem your XM ticket for in-person attendance to SRC 22 when that event registration is announced and open for ticket purchase. 

How much does it cost to register?

Register for a virtual ticket today for only $59.99!

Upgrade to the VIP experience with your virtual ticket for just $50 more, and get access to a VIP Leadership session and incredible SWAG box! VIP registration ends September 9th at 11:59 PM MT.  

How can I get the VIP swag box? 

In order to get the VIP swag box as part of the Fall Social Marketing Summit, a Social Marketer must register as a virtual attendee and pay the additional $50 for the VIP experience. 

When is the last day I can register for the VIP experience?

The last day to register for the VIP experience is September 9th!

What if I qualify with an XM ticket? Can I still get a swag box?

XM earners can either redeem a virtual ticket for Fall Social Marketing Summit. However, to qualify for the VIP experience and receive a swag box – they must upgrade their ticket and pay for the $50 VIP experience. Emails will be sent once a week with a link to register with your XM ticket. XM tickets will expire after one year.

Where can I see if members of my team registered to attend the event? 

Registration has moved to a new platform! Modere will upload registrations the first Wednesday of every month. If you are wanting a current report in between, Elite reps or call center will be able to provide this information.

When is the Fall Social Marketing Summit?

Our virtual Fall Social Marketing Summit will take place October 1 – 2, 2021. You do not want to miss this incredible event! 

Can a guest or prospect attend virtually?

Registration will be the same for both guests and Social Marketers. Guest tickets will be released Sep 15th. Virtual attendee pricing is $25.

Where can I go to register? 

We are excited to announce that we have a NEW registration platform! You can register by clicking here.

Links to the registration form can also be found in the Back Office and at events.shiftingretail.com.

Updated on September 21, 2021

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