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Modere is connecting the dots. From customer innovation to product experiences, our model is bold and our community is strong. Together we are creating an entirely new approach, where every single participant can make a positive impact and define their unique level of success.

We are so excited about the updates made to the Modere Canada compensation plan, and we know they will make a positive impact on our Canadian Social Marketers! Keep reading to learn more.

View a recap of the updates here.


What updates have been made to the Canada plan?

The compensation plan updates include Organizational point requirements and legs requirements at each rank. The amount of TL legs has reduced from Director 1- Elite 3, however there is an added requirement for Organizational points in your first 3 levels (OP:I) for all ranks from SC to E:I.

What are OP3?

Organization points includes a Social Marketer’s own MP and CP and all MP and CP from the Social Marketer’s entire team for qualification purposes. (see glossary of terms on attached compensation plan). This new requirement will include all OP from your first 3 levels of Social marketers that are personally qualified.

When do these updates take effect?

This will take effect on September 1 and will be reflected on your October commissions.

Why have these updates been made to the Canada Compensation Plan?

Modere strives to continually ensure that all elements of our business align with current market regulations and guidelines. It is the highest priority that we provide the best opportunity for our Social Marketers, in all countries and markets.

What is a Builder Title?

A builder title is given to a Social Marketer who sells the products and builds a team.

What is the difference between a Builder Title in my enrollment structure vs. placed?

A builder title in your enrollment structure is based on the original enrollment position and sponsor. A personally enrolled builder leg counts in OP:I, a builder leg that has been placed does not count towards title.

What is a TL?

See attached compensation plan for TL requirements.

How do I earn points?

The earning of points remains the same. You earn marketer points (MP) through your personal purchases and you earn customer points (CP) from products purchased by customers directly from Madere in your Social Marketer pod. You earn Organizational points (OP) from your MP, CP and the CP from your entire team.

Have the requirements for Promoter title been updated as well?

No, none of the updates will impact the Promoter title.

How will this impact me?

Depending on your current rank and title on the current compensation plan, please review the new requirements to see how your business may be affected. Please reach out to our corporate team if you have any questions or concerns so we may help. You can call our dedicated Social Marketer support line at (855-663-3731).

Are there any additional updates for Canadian Social Marketers?

We are excited to announce that on September 15h we will launch shiftingretail.ca. in English and in French! This new back office will reflect compensation plan updates and provide easier onboarding for enrolling new Social Marketers in Canada.

What will happen to the Fast Track bonus for Canada?

With the compensation plan updates, the Fast Track bonus for Canada has been removed and anyone who joins after September 1, 2021 will not be eligible for this bonus.

Updated on August 9, 2021

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