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Modere CellProof Bakuchiol Booster Launch FAQ

We are so excited to announce our latest CellProof innovation, Modere CellProof Bakuchiol Booster! Launching October 2 at 7 AM MT on modere.com and modere.ca for customers as well as shiftingretail.com and shiftingretail.ca for Social Marketers!   

The beauty industry says you need retinol. We say you can do better — with a clinically proven, plant-derived retinol alternative that delivers retinol-comparative results without harsh drying or peeling. Each concentrated drop of CellProof Bakuchiol Booster targets the buildup of dead skin cells, which can exaggerate the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone and a dull complexion, while protecting skin’s natural moisture barrier.*

When added to CellProof Serum, Moisturizer or Eye Cream, Bakuchiol Booster boosts the benefits of BioCell Collagen® CG by allowing it to work directly on skin’s surface. The result? Skin looks brighter, clearer and collagen-filled with visibly reduce pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the product benefits and features? 


·      Deeply exfoliates for a renewed appearance

·      Supports surface skin cell turnover

·      Promotes clearer and more even-looking skin tone

·      Promotes glowing, visibly brighter skin

·      Reduces the appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration

·      Refines the appearance of pores

·      Soothes the appearance of temporary redness

·      Protects skin against environmental stressors

·      Protects skin’s natural moisture barrier

·      Delivers weightless hydration

·      Reduces the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles

·      Maximizes benefits of BioCell Collagen CG in CellProof Serum, Moisturizer and Eye Cream


·      1% bakuchiol — plant-derived (Indian babchi) retinol alternative

·      4% niacinamide — a topical B vitamin 

·      1.2% squalane — lightweight, plant-derived moisturizer

·      Concentrated formula reduces water and packaging waste 

·      Customizable with the Modere CellProof line

·      Clean label, no animal testing

INGREDIENTS: Water, niacinamide, propanediol, squalane, bakuchiol, tocopheryl acetate, hydroxyacetophenone, caprylyl glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, lauryl glucoside, tocopherol, polyglyceryl-6 laurate, allantoin, carbomer, xanthan gum, myristyl glucoside, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, sodium phytate.

How do I use the product?  

Dispense 5 drops of Modere CellProof Bakuchiol Booster into palm with CellProof Serum or Moisturizer and blend together before pressing gently onto clean face and neck.

For use with CellProof Eye Cream, blend 1 drop with Eye Cream in palm before gently patting onto the eye area, and blend 4 drops with CellProof Serum or Moisturizer for the rest of the face and neck.

For standalone use, apply 5 drops to fingertips and press directly onto clean skin before applying other products. 

Where can I access the Social Marketer product training that was in One Voice? 

You can watch the training here

When will this product launch?

This product will officially be launching October 2 at 7 AM MT on modere.com and modere.ca! 

Is there a special launch promotion? 

As if you needed another reason to try NEW Modere CellProof Bakuchiol Booster — add CP Bakuchiol Booster to your monthly subscription order by October 5th, and when it process (between October 2nd and 28th), any subscription order with at least one CellProof Bakuchiol and $100 subtotal (before other discounts are applied) will save $10 IN ADDITION to any other discounts on your order (like Share the Love, VIP discount, Loyalty Match, etc.).

You can buy as much CellProof Bakuchiol as you want, but there is a limit of one $10 OFF promotion per order. While supplies last. Excludes Social Marketer enrollment. Regular collection pricing will resume the subsequent month.Savings automatically applied at checkout with an eligible order. Valid with new and existing subscriptions only; one-time orders are not eligible. 

Check out this training video and learn how you can save of the NEW Bakuchiol Booster!

How much does Modere CellProof Bakuchiol Booster cost? What collections will be available? 


CellProof Bakuchiol Booster 15ml

$44.99 | 35 points

Modere CellProof Essentials Classic + Bakuchiol Booster 

$199.99 | 150 points

Modere CellProof Essentials + Bakuchiol Booster

$219.99 | 165 points

Modere CellProof Serum + Bakuchiol Booster

$109.99 | 85 points


CellProof Bakuchiol Booster 15ml 

C$56.99 | 35 points

Modere CellProof Essentials Classic + Bakuchiol Booster 

C$249.99 | 150 points 

Modere CellProof Essentials + Bakuchiol Booster 

C$279.99 | 165 points 

Modere CellProof Serum + Bakuchiol Booster 

C$139.99 | 85 points

Are there any limits on this promotion? 

Limit 1 $10 savings per subscription order. 

Does the promotion apply to Social Marketer Enrollment collections or à la carte orders?

No. This promotion is for new and existing subscriptions only. 

Can the discount be stacked?

Yes! Here is the current stacking order:

  1. Monthly promo discount
  2. Share The Love/Friends & Family
  3. Subscribe & Save discount/ Premium discount
  4. Loyalty Match

Is this promotion only for subscriptions that process October 2 through October 5? 

No, this promotion will apply to all subscriptions that process in October, as long as you add Modere CellProof Bakuchiol Booster to any subscription of $100 or more before October 5 at 11:59 PM MT.   

What will happen when the subscription runs in November? 

The promotional savings will only apply to qualifying subscriptions in October. When the subscription runs the following month (November), the collection will return to its regular price. 

Are the Points and CV of each collection affected by the promo?

The point value of each collection remains the same, but the CV will be reduced by 8. This is the same in the US and Canada. 

Is there a promo code required to get the discount?

No promo code is required. The savings will automatically apply at checkout, after all required information is provided. 

Can a new customer redeem their Friends & Family code on their order?

Yes, a new customer can redeem their Friends & Family code on their order. 

Can an existing customer redeem their Anniversary Credit on their order?

Yes, an existing customer can redeem their Anniversary Credit on their order.

Social Shareables 


Will there be a Modere Live to support the new product launch? 

Yes! Join us October 3 at 10 AM MT on the Modere North America Facebook Page and the Modere Canada Facebook Page for an exclusive product training – directed towards educating your customers! 

How can I reach customer support?

Customer support: 877-MODERE-1 (877-663-3731) 

Social Marketer support: 855-MODERE-1 (855-663-3731)

Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 6:00pm MT

Saturday, 10:00am – 4:00pm MT

*The ingredient bakuchiol is clinically proven as effective as retinol at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and promoting more even skin tone.

Updated on October 7, 2022

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