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Modere Movers is a points-earning system that rewards a Social Marketer for growing their Modere business. Social Marketers earn Modere Mover points by enrolling new Social Marketers with a product order and by selling products to new customers.

You can qualify as a Modere Mover by earning 5 points in a single month. Qualifiers will receive an email notification in the first week of the month following qualification. You can redeem by adding any of the elegible prizes to your order and a credit in the amount of the prize will be applied automatically at check out. Limit 1 prize per order.  While supplies last, prizes are subject to change. 

Modere Mover points also count toward earning an invitation to the Modere New Leader Conference. To further sweeten the deal, the Social Marketer who earns the most points will get FREE accommodations for the next New Leader Conference event!

To qualify for Modere Movers in a given month, Social Marketers must:

  1. Meet 150 AP or 75 subscription during the qualification month
  2. Earn at least 5 Modere Mover points

(Monthly qualification period = 1st day through the last day of each calendar month).

How to earn points:

New?Point ValueHow to EarnDescription
1First OrderA new customer or Social Marketer’s first order of $99USD/$119CAD AFTER all discounts
3XM CollectionNew Social Marketer enrolls with an XM Collection ($480USD/$519CAD)
1Subscription Order BonusA new customer or Social Marketer begins a 75 point VIP subscription in their first month
NEW12nd Month BonusA new customer or Social Marketer maintains their 75 point VIP subscription for the first two months
NEW*See BelowTitle AdvancementYour personally enrolled Social Marketers reach a new builder or promoter title
NEW1Personal SubscriptionYour personal VIP subscription order of 75 points processes within the first 10 days of the month
NEW1Platinum PodPersonally qualify as a Platinum (or above)
Builder TitlePoint Value
Senior Consultant2
Team Leader10
Senior Team Leader10
Director 120
Director 220
Director 320
Elite 130
Elite 230
Elite 330
Elite Black 160
Elite Black 260
Elite Black 360
Promoter TitlePoints
Platinum 110
Platinum 210
Platinum 310
Platinum Black 115
Platinum Black 215
Platinum Black 315
  • 1 Mover point will be awarded for a new customer or Social Marketer product order worth at least $99 USD/$119 CAD (not including the $39.99 enrollment fee).
  • 3 Mover points will be awarded for enrolling a new Social Marketer with the purchase of an XM Collection (or a minimum order of $480 USD/$519 CAD).
  • Earn 1 Mover bonus point for each new customer or Social Marketer who enrolls in a subscription worth at least $99 per month and 75 points.

Modere Mover FAQs

How will Modere Mover prizes be awarded to Social Marketers? 

At the end of the month, when a Social Marketer has qualified as a Modere Mover, they will be emailed/texted. They can then login to their Social Marketer account on and/or They will be able to redeem by adding any of the elegible prizes to their order and a credit in the amount of the prize will be applied automatically at check out. Limit 1 prize per order.  While supplies last, prizes are subject to change. 

Where can I go to choose my Modere Mover prize?  

Starting April 1, 2023, the Modere Mover Store will be added to! You’ll need to login to your account to view the store, and find the Social Marketer Only section under the Shop tab. Once there, you can open the Modere Mover Store and view the available prizes. Select a prize and then add it to your cart. The prizes are available for purchase, but you’ll be automatically credited! Limit one per order!  

What are the prizes I get to choose from?

The Modere Mover prizes will change regularly, based on the available supply. We plan on maintaining a variety of apparel, home goods, and other branded items. You can view the current prizes by logging into your account and navigating to “Modere Mover Prizes” in the Social Marketer Only section of the Shop tab.

Can I redeem more than one Modere Mover prize on an order?

No. Limit 1 prize per order.  While supplies last, prizes are subject to change. Please note that Modere Mover prizes are only valid for 90 days after they have been issued.

If I redeem my Modere Mover points in the Modere Mover Store am I still able to use those towards my Escape Rewards for the 2023 Modere Escape?

Redeeming your Modere Mover points in the Modere Mover Store will not deduct or impact those points for use towards Escape Rewards.  You essentially get added value out of the Modere Mover points you earn from March 2023 through August 2023 and can use the points for both Modere Mover Prizes and Escape Rewards!

Can I give my Modere Mover credit to another Social Marketer?

No, your Modere Mover promo prize can only be redeemed on your own account, and cannot be transferred to another Social Marketer.

Can I add my Modere Mover prize to my product order?

Yes! You can save on shipping by adding your prize to a one-time/à la carte order or a NEW subscription order. Limit 1 prize per order.  While supplies last, prizes are subject to change.

Just add your preferred prize to your cart with your other Modere product. Your prize will only ship once, and not be added to your regular subscription. Existing subscriptions are excluded.

Can I redeem multiple prizes on a single order?

No – only one prize can be redeemed per order. Any additional mover prizes added to your order will cost an additional $19.99.

Are the Modere Mover prizes the same for Canadian Social Marketers?   

Yes, all of the prizes will be available in both countries.  

Where can I go to track my Modere Mover points? 

Visit your Back Office to see your Mover Point total, along with your team’s numbers! The back office report is updated in real-time, and the leaderboard totals are updated twice a week on this blog.

Do I get points if my team member advances multiple ranks in a single month? 

Yes! You are awarded for each new rank your personal enrollments achieve in the month. For instance, if someone’s highest achieved title was Team Leader, but they advance to Director 1 in a single month, you would get points for both the Senior Team Leader and Director 1 advancements.  

When will I see the points from my customer’s subscription? 

Points awarded for subscription consistency are based on the first order date of your new customer. For example, a new customer that placed their first order in March must have a subscription in March and April to qualify you for a Mover point. The point will be awarded in April, after the second subscription order has been completed. 

Can I still earn Mover Points for a customer that didn’t place an order in the same month they signed up? 

Yes! Before the update, your customer would’ve needed an order in the same month they created an account. Now, all order-related points are based on the first order date, regardless of the date they enrolled. 

Can I earn Mover Points every month if my subscription processes before the 10th or if I qualify as Platinum more than once? 

Yes! These Points are awarded every month you meet the qualifications.

What if I qualified for a Modere Mover prize prior to the start of the new program on March 31st?

If you qualified on March 31st or before, you have earned your prize through the old program and you will have until JULY 10 to add the monthly-designated prize to your next subscription order.  If you qualified ON or AFTER May 1, you will receive an email on or after May 10 to redeem the prize of your choice. That prize is good for 90 days.

Can I backdate to qualify for Mover points?

As of 6/1/23 starting for May qualifications and moving forward, Mover points are based off of first order creation date and are not eligible to be edited or backdated to qualify for additional points. Backdating will only be applied to order volume.


For point eligibility in a given month, the following rules apply to customers and personally enrolled Social Marketers:

  • The first day of the month starts at 12:00 AM CT, and the last day of the month ends at 11:59 PM CT.
  • Modere Mover points are based on your customers / Social Marketers first order date, regardless of their enrollment date.
  • First order date and subscription creation date must occur within the same calendar month for subscription bonus points.
  • Return orders will be deducted from the account, and points will be reduced accordingly.
  • Orders must be associated with a unique shipping address and a unique form of payment to count toward point eligibility.
  • An additional 1 point will be awarded for each customer who maintains their 75 point subscription for their first 2 consecutive months. Social Marketers can earn this bonus no more than once per each new customer. 
  • Subscription consistency points are based on the first order date of the new customer. For example, new customers that places their first order in January must enroll on subscription and maintain that for 2 months consecutively to be considered for the bonus point awarded in February.
  • Redeemed prizes will be shipped out on the qualified Social Marketer’s OTG order of 1+ BV point or more. Prize redemption will begin around the 10th of the month following qualification. If a qualifying order is not placed within 3 months of the winning email date, the mover prize will be forfeited. NFR orders are not eligible for prize redemption. 
  • Mover points are based on subtotal. The minimum subtotal requirement to qualify for Mover points must be $99 USD/ $99 CAD.
  • Points are awarded ONE time for a new customer or SM’s first order.
  • XM collection points are not in addition to first-order points.
  • Personal subscription points and platinum pod points are only awarded once per month to the qualifying Social Marketer account.
  • The subtotal is calculated after all promotions and discounts are applied, but before shipping/taxes.
  • Mover consistency points are awarded to SM’s for their customers that are in their 2nd month with Modere that have had a consecutive subscription order of 75pts every month since they joined. The bonus is only eligible to be earned one time per customer in their 2nd month.


  • Promotion runs June  1 – 30, 2023, and is applicable for U.S. and Canada Social Marketers only.
  • Social Marketers must meet the 150 AP requirement/75 MP subscription requirement during June 2023 to be eligible to redeem awards.

For point eligibility, customers and personally enrolled Social Marketers must meet the following requirements:

  • Orders must be received between June 1, 2023 and June 30, 2023.
  • New customers and new Social Marketers must have a start date between June 1, 2023 and June 30, 2023.
  • Orders must be associated with a unique shipping address and a unique form of payment to count toward point eligibility.

Final calculations will be completed on 6/1/2023. Recognition of achievement may occur prior to 6/30/2023 but is not considered official until after this date. Any orders returned on or before 6/1/2023 will not be eligible for qualification. Subscription orders canceled on or before 6/1/2023 will not be eligible for qualification. Modere reserves the right to chargeback prize value for excessive returns or Subscription cancellations occurring after 6/1/2023. Any stacking or bonus buying is strictly prohibited. Limit one prize per Social Marketer account.

We have new and exciting prizes every month! Become a Modere Mover today!


February 2023 US Leaderboard – Scratchers

February 2023 CA Leaderboard – Scratchers

December 2022 US Leaderboard – Blanket

December 2022 CA Leaderboard – Blanket

November 22 US Leaderboard – Cutting Board

November 2022 CA Leaderboard – Cutting Board

October 2022 USA Leaderboard – Cash

October 2022 CA Leaderboard – Cash

September 2022 US Leaderboard – Umbrella

September 2022 CA Leaderboard – Umbrella

August 2022 US Leaderboard – Mug

August 2022 CA Leaderboard – Mug

July 2022 US Leaderboard – BBQ Set

July 2022 CA Leaderboard – BBQ Set

June 2022 US Leaderboard – Baseball Hat

June 2022 CA Leaderboard – Baseball Hat

May 2022 US Leaderboard – Yoga Mat

May 2022 CA Leaderboard – Yoga Mat

April 2022 US Leaderboard – Tote Bag

April 2022 CA Leaderboard – Tote Bag

March 2022 US Leaderboard – Tumbler

March 2022 CA Leaderboard – Tumbler

February US 2022 Leaderboard – Facial Roller

February 2022 CA Leaderboard – Facial Roller

January 2022 US Leaderboard – Dry Erase Board

January 2022 CA Leaderboard – Dry Erase Board

December US 2021 LeaderboardBeanie

December CA 2021 LeaderboardBeanie

November US 2021 LeaderboardWater Bottle

November CA 2021 LeaderboardWater Bottle

October US 2021 LeaderboardBackpack

October CA 2021 LeaderboardBackpack

September US 2021 LeaderboardRecovery Kit

September CA 2021 LeaderboardRecovery Kit

August US 2021 LeaderboardCharging Pad

August CA 2021 LeaderboardCharging Pad

July US 2021 LeaderboardFusion Tumbler

July CA 2021 LeaderboardFusion Tumbler

June 2021 LeaderboardTrucker Hat

May 2021 LeaderboardPop Socket

Updated on April 18, 2024

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