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Earn a bonus when you sell OptiPack in the US and Logiq Essentials in Canada during the month of September! Any personally qualified Social Marketer will receive an additional bonus for the number of Modere Optipacks (USA) / Logiq Essentials (Logiq + MCTs collections) (Canada) sold in their customer pod in September. The bonus will be paid out as follows:


5 OptiPacks sold in Customer Pod  $25 
10 OptiPacks sold in Customer Pod  $75
20 OptiPacks sold in Customer Pod  $200
30 OptiPacks sold in Customer Pod  $350
40 OptiPacks sold in Customer Pod $500

Get a walkthrough of the US OptiCash here: https://f.io/PNcjcgPu


5 Logiq Essentials in Customer Pod  $25 CAD
10 Logiq Essentials sold in Customer Pod  $75 CAD
20 Logiq Essentials sold in Customer Pod  $200 CAD
30 Logiq Essentials sold in Customer Pod  $350 CAD
40 Logiq Essentials sold in Customer Pod $500 CAD

Get a walkthrough of the CA LogiCash here: https://f.io/1-PDdPY7

When does the promotion run?  

The OptiCash and LogiCash bonus is available September 1-30, 2022.  

Do I have to be personally qualified to participate in the bonus? 

Yes, all social marketers must be personally qualified to earn the bonus. 

Do the purchases of OptiPack/Logiq Essentials have to be from new customers? 

No, all US OptiPack and CA Logiq Essentials orders, including à la carte and subscriptions, in your customer pod with count towards the bonus 

If my customer previously added OptiPack/Logiq Essentials to their subscription and their September subscription runs with OptiPack/ Logiq Essentials on it, will it still count?  

Yes, all orders in your customer pod with OptiPack (USA) and Logiq Essentials (Canada) count towards the bonus.  

Will multiple OptiPack/ Logiq Essentials on one order count? 

Yes, the bonus is based on the total number of products sold, not the number of customers or their orders. Each OptiPack / Logiq Essentials sold in your Customer Pod counts towards your total. 

Will orders of OptiPack/ Logiq Essentials that are backdated into September still count towards the bonus?  

Yes, all qualifying orders with a September order date will count towards the bonus.  

When will the bonus be paid out? 

The OptiCash/LogiCash bonuses will be paid out with the September Monthly Commissions on October 12th

How will the bonus be paid if my total is between two tiers? 

The bonus is paid by the highest tier reached. If your total count of OptiPack/ Logiq Essentials sold in your Customer Pod is in between tiers, you will be paid out at the last tier achieved. In this example, the Social Marketer sold 16 Optipacks/ Logiq Essentials in their customer pod, so they would be paid at the 10 tier, or $75 dollars 

If I have customers in the US and Canada, can I combine my sales of OptiPack and Logiq Essentials for my total number?  

No, if you live in the United States, you will only earn the bonus on your US customer’s OptiPack purchases. If you live in Canada, you can earn both bonuses, with OptiPacks sold on ModereGlobalShop.com and Logiq Essentials on Modere.ca. However, the sales will be counted separately, and not be combined to reach the payment tiers. 

Do everyday savings orders count or is it just on subscriptions? 

All orders, everyday savings and subscriptions, in your Customer Pod with OptiPack (USA)/Logiq Essentials (Canada) count towards the bonus. 

If someone returns their order of OptiPack/LogiCash in September or October, will that be deducted from my payout? 

Yes, any returned product will be deducted from your OptiCash / LogiCash total. 

Will Social Marketer enrollment collections on Shifting Retail with OptiPack or Logiq Essentials count towards the OptiCash / LogiCash Bonus? 

No, this promotion is based on the sales of OptiPack / Logiq Essentials in your customer pod only. Products purchased by Social Marketers will not count towards your total for the bonus.   

Can a new Social Marketer, who enrolls in September, take part in this bonus? 

Yes, any personally qualified Social Marketer that has reached a tier of the OptiCash or LogiCash in their Customer Pod will receive the bonus.  

Do my personal purchases count toward my OptiCash / LogiCash Promotion?  

No, only purchases within your customer pod. 

Will Modere Logiq with TetraBlend™ Coffee orders without the Modere Logiq MCTs count towards my LogiCash total?   

No, the customer must purchase a collection that includes both Logiq and MCTs to count towards your LogiCash total. 

Updated on October 7, 2022

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