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Share the Love – Double Rewards Promo FAQ

What is Share the Love Double Rewards promotion?

Customers are getting some extra love this March! While newly referred customers will continue to save $10 on their first order (usual discount), referring customers will receive $20 (instead of the regular $10) back in Share the Love credits after the first order is processed. Share the Love credits are limited to one account per household.

When is the promotion valid?

The promotion begins March 22 at 9 AM MT and ends March 31 at 11:59 PM MT. This promotion will also run alongside the Axis TreBiotic promo. SEE FAQ HERE

Will the promotion be available for United States and Canadian customers?

Yes! It will be available for all customers in the US and Canada. The customer’s unique referral codes can be found on Modere.com/share and Modere.ca/share

What about the referring customers that have a minimum $50 SmartShip?

Referring customers with an active SmartShip of $50 or more will receive Share the Love credits equal to the greater of 25% of the new customer’s first order, or a minimum of $20 in Share the Love credits. Existing SmartShip customers must have an active SmartShip order of at least $50 at the time the referring order is placed to qualify for the 25% Share the Love Reward.

Where can customers find their unique, shareable referral code?

After logging into their Modere account, customers in the US will find their referral code on Modere.com/share. CA customers can find it on Modere.ca/share

Is there a limit on how much a customer can earn during this promotion?

Yes, the regular Share the Love terms apply. All customers can earn a maximum of $250 Live Clean Credits monthly and $599 annually.

Are there any exclusions to this promotion?

Yes, the regular Share the Love terms apply. Share the Love credits are limited to one account per household. Customer accounts that do not have a unique address are not eligible to redeem or earn Share the Love credits for new accounts with a like address.

Does the newly-referred customer need to make a purchase before the credits are applied to the referring customer’s account?

Yes, newly-referred customers must order before March 31 at 11:59 PM MT in order for the referring customer to receive the doubled $20 in Share the Love credits.

Will there be a Facebook Live event announcing this promotion?

No, not for this promotion. However, we will be announcing it via email and posts on our corporate social media channels. Feel free to share the assets provided and spread the word to your customers!

Are there promotional assets I can share on social media? Where can I find them?

Yes, all assets are available here. CLICK HERE

What emails and social media posts will be shared through corporate channels?

Our email campaign will include one email announcing the promotion, to be released to your customers on your behalf. You are also welcome to tag your customers and share the promotion on our public Facebook page at www.facebook.com/modereus and our corporate US Instagram account.

How can I contact customer service? 

Customer Support: 877-MODERE-1 (877-663-3731) 

Social Marketer Support: 855-MODERE-1 (855-663-3731) 

Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 6:00pm MT 

Saturday: 10:00am – 4:00pm MT 

Updated on March 17, 2021

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