We are so excited to announce the prelaunch of Modere Body Firming Foam (BFF)! 

Body Firming Foam will launch on June 13, 2020 at 10 AM MT and will be available for a la carte orders only and limit one per account until the official launch in August.

​Encourage your customers to join our #BETHEFIRST campaign and start using this incredible product!

Where will BFF be available for purchase?

BFF will be available for purchase beginning June 13, 2020 at 10 AM MT on Modere.com and Modere.ca.

Where can I learn more about the product? How should I market it?

Check out the Body Firming Foam fact sheet here and the product FAQ here. These documents include all the approved claims.

When will BFF ship?

Even though BFF is in a prelaunch phase, it will ship as any normal order would. We will NOT be holding orders until the official launch.

Is there a limit on how many a customer or Social Marketer can purchase?

Yes. Both customers and Social Marketers are limited to one Body Firming Foam per account between June 13th and July 31st, during our #BETHEFIRST prelaunch phase.

Will there be a Facebook Webinar to announce this prelaunch?

There will not be an official webinar for customers, but we do hope you join us from 9 AM – 10:30 AM MT on Saturday, June 13th in the One Voice Facebook Group for the official Social Marketer launch during the New Leader Conference event!

When is the special BFF training with Asma?

Everyone who purchases BFF before June 17th will be invited to join a special zoom meeting with Modere CEO, Asma Ishaq! Those who purchase the product will be receive an email with additional information.

How much will Body Firming Foam cost? How many points?

Body Firming Foam will cost $49.99USD/40-pts and $62.99CAD/40-pts. 

When will this product be available in collections?

Modere Body Firming Foam will launch in select collections in August 2020. More information coming soon.

Is this product included in the current Doubled SmartShip & Save program?

No. This product is not available for the SmartShip and Save program during June and July. It is only available on one a la carte order – limit one per account. 

If a customer already has 8 products on their SmartShip, can they add BFF as an a la carte order and get free shipping?

Yes. If BFF is added to an order that has 8 items on SmartShip BFF then it will be included in the free shipping. However, the SmartShip order has to process and include BFF.

Can a new customer redeem a $10 Share the Love referral code on their order?

Yes, a new customer can redeem their Share the Love credit on their order.

Can an existing customer redeem their birthday credit on their order?

Yes, an existing customer can redeem their birthday credit on their order.

Are there assets I can share on social media? Where can I find them?

Yes! Here are the teaser graphics to share on social media:

Static Teaser #1: CLICK HERE
Static Teaser #2: CLICK HERE
Video Teaser #1: CLICK HERE

Images of the product will be shared after the product launch on June 13th.