Canada Boxing Day is around the corner! Get all the details you need for this exciting sale!

What is the Modere Boxing Day Promotion?

Save 10% on EVERYTHING on and! And while supplies last, get a free bubble bath and body bar free when you spend C$75 or more!

>C$75 order threshold is based on the subtotal of the products on the order after all other discounts have been applied. Limit one free gift per account. 

>Using Live Clean Credits on a Boxing Day order does not lower the subtotal of the order. 

>Sales aides and donations (items that do not have a BV) will be excluded from the sale. Excludes Social Marketer enrollment fees. 

When will the Boxing Day promotion be available?

The Boxing Day sale will start Saturday, December 26 at 6 AM MT and will end at 11:59 PM MT on the same day, in Canada only. 

Does the Boxing Day promotion apply to purchases made on

No, it only applies to orders placed on and

Are there any limits on the 10% discount?

Make as many orders as you’d like! No available products will be excluded from this sitewide sale!

>Excludes products that are currently unavailable. 

Is the limited edition Trim Blackberry eligible for both SmartShip and Boxing Day discounts?

No. Since Trim Blackberry is a limited edition flavor, it is not eligible for SmartShip orders. Customers who wish to purchase Trim Blackberry on Boxing Day will receive the 10% off, but they will not be able to add it to their SmartShip for additional savings. Two orders will need to be placed, with the Trim Blackberry as a one time order and the other products as their monthly recurring order with the additional SmartShip discount. While supplies last of Trim Blackberry. 

Are there any limits to the free gift with purchase?

Yes, there’s only 1 free bubble bath and body bar per account, and it will only be added to orders of C$75 or more after all discounts are applied. The free gift with purchase will only be available while supplies last. 

Is the Social Marketer enrollment fee included in the 10% savings?

No. The 10% savings does not include the Social Marketer enrollment fee. 

Is there plenty of inventory on the free gift with purchase?


Are there any exclusions?

Yes, the 10% discounts excludes existing SmartShips and SmartShip Premium. 

Can the promo be added to the regular SmartShip discount?

Yes! The two discounts can be stacked with NEW SmartShips! Existing SmartShips that run on December 26 will not receive the discount. Future SmartShips will revert to the regular 5, 10, and 15% discount. 

>The 10% Boxing Day discount cannot be combined with the SmartShip Premium discount. 

>See the stacking order below. 

Can a new customer use their $10 Share the Love discount and get 10% off?

Yes! As long as it is a first-time customer using a referral code and placing a one-time a la carte order. Remember, Share the Love never stacks with SmartShip orders, the customer always receives the greater discount, but not both. 

>See the stacking order below. 

Can a customer use their $10 birthday credit in addition to the Boxing Day discount? 

Yes! Customers can apply both to their orders!

>See the stacking order below. 

What will the stacking order of the discounts be for this promotion?

The promos and discounts will apply in the following order: 

  1. SmartShip and Save discount (if adding item to web SmartShip) – NEW SmartShips only
  2. Birthday Promo & Share the Love ($10 for new customers)
  3. LEAN30 discount (if applicable)
  4. Boxing Day sitewide discount
  5. Brochures and free gifts with purchase

How will the CV and BV of orders be affected?

The CV (Commissionable Volume) will also be reduced by 10%. For example, if the order total is C$100 with 80 CV, after the Boxing Day discount has been applied, it will be C$90 with 72 CV. The BV (Business Volume) will not be affected. 

Will emails and social media posts be shared through corporate channels?

Yes! We will release promotional emails to your customers on your behalf for Boxing Day. You are also welcome to tag your customers and share the corporate Facebook pages for promotional content at, as well as our corporate CA Instagram account. 

How can I contact customer service?

Customer Support: 877-MODERE-1 (877-663-3731)

Social Marketer Support: 855-MODERE-1 (855-663-3731)

What are the customer service holiday hours?

Christmas Eve: Closed

Christmas Day: Closed

Boxing Day (December 26th): 10:00 AM – 4 PM MT

New Year’s Eve: 7:00 AM – Noon MT

New Year’s Day: Closed

What social shareables are available?

Boxing Day – Stories


Boxing Day – Square Graphics






Last chance to save 10% on Trim Blackberry!