Modere maintains a lifelong commitment to better products, safer homes and a cleaner planet. We are excited to announce the new availability of selected Modere products in Canada!

These items will transition from the site to the site, effective August 16, 2019. If your current SmartShip order includes any of these products, your subscription(s) will be transferred to automatically.

Thank you for your continued partnership, loyalty and support!


What Modere products are transitioning from to

The following products have been approved by Health Canada and will be available on beginning August 16th:



Trim Coconut Lime

Trim Vanilla

Trim Chocolate

The Lean Body Sculpting System – Coconut Lime

The Lean Body Sculpting System – Vanilla

The Lean Body Sculpting System – Chocolate

Do I need to do anything to transfer my SmartShip order to

Not at all! We will automatically transfer any applicable SmartShip subscriptions from to beginning August 16, 2019.

What will happen if I have other products on my recurring SmartShip order?

If your recurring SmartShip order includes products not listed above, they will remain on SmartShip at while we create a new SmartShip order on your behalf for the transitioning product(s) on Thereafter, unless you choose to make adjustments, you will have two concurrent SmartShip subscriptions, one hosted on each of the two different sites.

Will I pay shipping on my SmartShip subscription after it is transferred to

Yes. All orders processed through will include a shipping charge.

Will I be charged in CAD or USD?

You will be charged set prices in Canadian dollars. See beginning August 15, 2019 at 6 PM MT for prices.

Do the points change for the product with the transition?

No, the points will remain the same.

If I currently have a recurring SmartShip order on, will I now have two?

No, the transitioning products will be added  to your existing SmartShip order.

Will I get free shipping on product(s) remaining on my SmartShip order even if the total falls below $99?

No. Beginning with this transition date the Modere Global Shop website will no longer offer free shipping with minimum $99 purchase. All orders on will be charged a flat $4.99 USD shipping fee. All Orders on will be charged $9.99CAD.

What is happening with Trim Lemon?

Trim Lemon is still available as an NFR product at this time. It will continue to be available on

What will happen with packs (M3 or Lean Body Sculpting System) that include Trim Lemon?

As of August 16 those packs will no longer be available, and the individual products will be split between two separate SmartShip orders with the Modere Global Shop products on one SmartShip subscription and the products on a separate SmartShip subscription. If you wish to make additional changes, please contact Customer Support two business days before your SmartShip order is scheduled to run and we’ll help you make any changes you’d like.