As part of our ongoing effort to provide training and guidance on important issues, we want to highlight a commonly misunderstood policy regarding the sale of products through online auction and e-commerce sites. The company often receives questions and complaints regarding Modere product being found on eBay®, Amazon® or other similar sites. The official policy is as follows: – Social Marketers shall not directly or indirectly offer or facilitate the offering of Modere products on or through any online auction or classified site, or any online marketplace.

The company has found that in the majority of instances we identified, the individual who listed the product for sale may be unaware of this policy. Often, the perception is that these channels represent an opportunity for Social Marketers to promote product and attract customers. However, it is important to note that this does not align with the Modere business model, which is founded on the fundamental principle of personal contact. In our evolving economy, consumer buying decisions are increasingly influenced by recommendations from friends. By leveraging your social network to build and maintain relationships, you can create and maximize opportunities to share Modere products. Posting sales listings using any other forums is not only against policy, but contradictory to the integrity of the unique Social Retail business model we strive to uphold.

Please note that the company is well aware of this issue, and committed to addressing such occurrences on an ongoing basis to protect the business and educate those involved. We appreciate your understanding and support in communicating this message to your teams and as you enroll new Social Marketers. While Modere regularly monitors the online marketplace for these incidents, we also encourage you to report any questionable links you may encounter, to help us stay abreast of noncompliant listings. The silent whistle reporting system is available in your backoffice.

Additionally, we invite you to share any information regarding incidents you have observed, or ask any questions, by emailing the Social Marketer Education & Compliance department at