As anxiety over the spread of the COVID-19 virus continues to escalate, people everywhere are looking for ways to restore some normalcy and peace of mind. Modere is committed to providing a beacon of hope and assurance for our customers around the world during this challenging time.

We invite our Social Marketers to join us in this important mission. Now more than ever, it is critical to stick together and remain true to our Modere brand values including being authentic, humble and compassionate. This means you must be mindful to avoid referencing COVID-19 or the coronavirus in your promotional communications to customers.

While the motivation to help more customers is an honorable one, the FTC and the FDA have ramped up their efforts during this pandemic to protect the public from companies touting implied or outright claims that their products can prevent or treat illness. Such irresponsible behavior not only has the potential to increase the virus’s threat to public health, but also sets a poor example in the industry that may be perceived as predatory and opportunistic.

Please remember that as always, Modere upholds integrity, quality, and credibility in the highest regard. Thank you for partnering with Modere in our live clean mission.