Even though Rena Zaharov hasn’t been with Modere for very long, her experience has completely changed the way she views business.

“So much has improved including my mindset and belief in network marketing, especially when I see the number of people winning on our team,” she says.

Zaharov, a Social Marketer with Modere, was first introduced to the company by her sponsor, John Melton. He showed her the products and began talking about the business, and Zaharov was intrigued. She’d attempted network marketing before and hadn’t seen the success she’d been hoping for. She was about to pursue a career in blogging when she decided to give network marketing one more shot. And this time, her experience was much different.

“Modere meets people where they are and focuses on their strengths,” she explained. “No matter how much you have going on, Modere makes it possible to leverage income right from your phone; no home meetings or parties. With my previous networking marketing company, I used to head out of my house every night and my ‘home business’ felt very much like a job, so Modere has been a gift.”

Modere was different in other ways, too. Zaharov was stunned at the social marketers’ ability to create so much success, even by simply working to build a customer base. Another huge factor, she said, was that “the leadership in this company is second to none — the most incredible people I’ve ever met.” The supportive environment was also one of the best she’d experienced.

The minute she joined the company, Zaharov felt right at home. Her team is filled with a variety of people–teachers, social workers, corporate executives, and stay-at-home parents–and their common goal unites them. “We have a team culture I have always dreamed of,” she says. “It’s all about people helping people win, and we work as one.”

As Zaharov has continued building her career with Modere, she loves the changes she’s seen in her life. She was able to take her husband on an all-expense paid trip. Because she’s more present at home, her relationship with her three children is much stronger. She also values the ability to truly define her own schedule and build in the flexibility she needs.

Zaharov and her team have been remarkably successful, and they plan to stay that way. Not only do they see their future in social marketing, but they are excited to see how Modere continues to be an innovative and thriving company for decades to come. “I’ve been in the industry for six years and I have never worked with a company that shows the kind of growth like we have here,” Zaharov remarked. “I’m forever grateful for my family, our team, my amazing loyal customers, and the leadership at Modere. You are all my family.”