It was at an event with Social Marketers John and Nadya Melton that Tanya Aliza first heard about the remarkable products of Modere.

“I couldn’t help but notice Nadya’s glowing skin! I kept staring and finally asked her what she was doing. She told me it was ‘liquid gold in a bottle.’ I let her know she needed to order some of that gold for me immediately. A week later, I received my Liquid® BioCell. It didn’t take long before I was hooked on the product.

“That was my first experience with Modere. While I came to love the products, I was content building a business at a different company and had no interest in making the switch. Over time, I saw what Modere and the Social Marketers were building. The unique compensation plan includes a model to generously compensate promoters who focus on promoting products and not building teams.

“I scheduled and met with world-class Modere leaders and knew I had to make the move.”

Tanya was impressed with what Modere was doing as a company; how the global brand is carving new paths in the health and wellness industry. She had seen firsthand how Liquid BioCell could transform lives. But the most noticeable shift, above anything else, was the flexibility she gained in her schedule.

“This industry helped me retire from my high-demand finance career at a very young age. Even though I was a network marketer, I was hustling to earn a leveraged paycheck that was always growing, but took so much time. There were constant 3-way calls, one-on-one meetings and hundreds of hours on the phone.

“Since coming on board with Modere, I don’t do those things anymore. Modere builds differently using social media and a duplicatable system, unlike anything I’ve ever seen! I finally have my life back. I can spend more time on my hobbies, travel, and be there for my friends and family.

“And it doesn’t matter whether you want to do this full time, or casually share Modere with friends. I’ve seen people succeed by gaining customers and getting people excited for our results-driven products.”

Tanya is seeing success not just for herself, but for her team as well. They are creating a leveraged income for them and their families and becoming better versions of themselves every day.

“I’ve come to learn that life is way too short to be working for someone else’s dreams. We have to get out there and live our best lives; Modere helps us do that.”