We’re putting the “social” in Social Marketers with the new Modere Meetup program!

Modere Meetups are local events hosted by Social Marketers, for Social Marketers. Guests are welcome to attend. As the latest program from Modere, Meetups are a new way of putting your business back into your hands and helping you find corporate support wherever you live. This is a prime way to connect with other local Modere enthusiasts, learn business-building strategies and spend time with like-minded entrepreneurs. The options are endless: Modere Meetups can be small gatherings in your home or huge regional events at a stadium. Your meetings can focus on anything from product trainings to motivational speaking to business tips and tricks.

With customization options and attendance incentives, your Modere Meetups have all the official corporate support with a regional twist. This way, you can meet other Social Marketers in your area to meet your specific needs and have local support.

Whether you’re finding a meeting near you or hosting your own, here’s everything you need to know about Modere Meetups.

Our first Modere Meetup will take place from March 14-15, 2020.


How will hosts register their meeting with Modere?

To register your Meetup with Modere, you will need to fill out the form on events.shiftingretail.com beginning February 11, 2020 at 9 AM MT. For any questions, feel free to email moderemeetups@modere.com. Here’s the info you will need in order to register:

  • Host(s) name(s)
  • Locations address
  • Host phone and email
  • Venue Address and phone number
  • How your attendees will register for your event (registration link, etc.)
  • Exact date and time of when you’re planning to host the event
  • PROOF OF ATTENDANCE LIST (PDF, spreadsheet, image of reg list, etc.)

How will Meetup hosts register their guests?

The registration method is at the host’s discretion. Modere recommends that Meetups hosts use whatever method they prefer to register and charge their guests. Any legitimate manual or digital system is acceptable, including free services like EventBrite or TicketLeap.

Who can be a Meetup Host?

Any Social Marketer can be a Meetup host. There is no rank or title requirement.

Where will Social Markets go to find the Meetup nearest to them?

Modere will host a list of all Meetups. You can find this list by going to events.shiftingretail.com and clicking on the “Meetup” tab at the top. We will be updating the list every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday following February 11th when registration opens.

What can a Social Marketer do if there is not an event near them?

If there is not a registered Modere Meetup near you, consider hosting your own. There is no rank or attendee requirement to host a Meetup.

Who is responsible for providing the venue for the event?

Meetup hosts are responsible for identifying the venue for their Meetup. There is no venue requirement for hosting a Meetup. Meetups can be in small, intimate settings like a home with a few friends or a large meetings in a hotel. Hosts are responsible for choosing a venue, they are also responsible for any costs associated with the venue, including rental space, A/V rental, etc. To help cover these costs, hosts can elect to charge an admission price of their choosing for their event.

Is there a charge for attending the Meetup, who charges the fee and how?

How much to charge and how to collect the fee for the event is at the discretion of the host.

What resources will Modere provide for Meetup hosts?

All Modere Meetup hosts will receive a “Digital Meeting in a Box”. Modere will email a link to all hosts three days before the event that includes:

  • How to Host your meetup document
  • Customizable Presentation Template both in PowerPoint and Adobe
  • Corporate Meeting Content Video- Most of the training content for the Meetup will be done through pre-recorded video. This video will be produced by Modere.
  • Other incentives given to hosts are based on how many attendees they have registered and when they turned in proof of their registrants to Modere

These materials will be sent to the email you provided us when you signed up to host a Modere Meetup through a dropbox link.

What equipment is necessary to host a Meetup?

The equipment needed to host a Meetup are:

  • A way to utilize the digital download materials provided by Modere, which include:
    • Internet access
    • A storage device to download the content on (such as a computer, thumb/USB drive, etc.)
    • A way to customize the presentation (PowerPoint or Adobe)
  • A way to connect content to a screen/television
  • A screen or television
  • Other equipment may be necessary depending on the size of the event (microphone, sampling supplies etc.) Hosts are responsible for costs associated with the equipment.  

How do I qualify for Meetup incentives?

There are different incentives for Meetups based on verified registration lists and when they are turned in. Please consult the Incentive blog for further details.

How will Modere know if your event is one of the first two Meetups to reach the 50 and 100 attendee mark?

Meetup hosts must send legitimate and verifiable proof of their registrants when they register to host through the google form. Many of these incentives are time sensitive so it is strongly suggested that you send in your registrant list as soon as possible. For any incentives, we must have legitimate proof emailed to moderemeetup@modere.com by Monday, March 2nd at 5 PM MT to allow time for product to ship prior to your event.

What happens if I co-host a Meetup with another Social Marketer and we qualify for an incentive?

All guests will receive incentives at the qualified level. Host incentives will be split evenly between all registered hosts.

What if I qualify for an incentive of 50 and I actually have 75 registered guests?

All 75 guests would receive the incentives at the 50 level. The host incentive would be at the 50 level. All finalized attendee lists must be submitted by Monday, March 2nd at 5 PM MT to allow time for product to ship prior to your event.