FAQ for the New First Order Bonus

What is the bonus for new Social Marketer enrollments?

Earn 30% from the Commissionable Value points of first orders placed by all newly enrolled Social Marketers.

Does this apply only in the U.S.?

This applies to both the U.S. and Canada markets.

Is there a Get 3 Doubler as well?

The increase in commissions paid on the First Order bonus replaces the Get 3 Doubler Bonus. With this change, you now have the opportunity to earn a higher payout on every new enrollment.

How does this affect the U.S. coded bonus?

The increase to the First Order bonus percentage also replaces the coded bonus. The coded bonus is no longer a part of the U.S. Compensation Plan.

The increase in the First Order bonus will drive enrollment and grow organizations in a simple and duplicatable way.

Will I be paid First Order bonuses on the daily pay?

Yes, you will be paid the First Order bonus on daily pay.

The First Order bonus will be paid at the current rate on Daily Pay through February 28th.  Beginning March 5th, you will see the new 30% FOB paid out on Daily Pay.

On the February monthly commission check run, we will “true up” all February First Order bonuses to the full 30%.

When will this take effect?

  • All February enrollments will be paid at 30% on their February monthly commission check
  • Daily pay will continue payout at current rates for both markets until the end of the month